Title: Anata to Scandal (Scandal With You or Our Scandal) volume 3
Mangaka: Shiina Ayumi

These are just some random yuri moments from volume 3. Volumes 1 and 2 and the beginning of volume 3 (up through chapter 12) have been scanlated by Lost Heaven. They disappeared for a while, but seem to be back.

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Tomoka tells off Serika's fiance, and says he can't have her because Serika is hers. Serika's fiance thinks Tomoka's a pervert for loving another girl, and acts like it's some sort of sickness. Grr. Then Serika decides to play along, and tells her fiance she's gay. The fiance doesn't buy it at first, so Serika pretends to kiss Tomoka to make her point. But even that overwhelms Tomoka, she kind of shuts down. lol. When they get in the car, what's-his-name asks Serika if she really kissed Tomoka, and she says no.

Tomoka has a weird dream. She and Serika are getting married, and they're about to kiss, when Serika's fiance storms in and tells them that Serika is really a princess, not a prince. He does a magic spell that shows her true form. Serika then remembers that a witch put a spell on her. Serika and her fiance are about to leave to go back to their own country, and Tomoka, crying, tells Serika that she still loves her. Serika calls her a pervert.

Serika has been kidnapped and locked in a hotel room by her fiance. He tries to serve them dinner, but she tips the cart over. He's upset that she's done something so wasteful, but she tells him that she can't eat while there's someone at home waiting for her who's going hungry right now. He asks if she's talking about Tomoka (thinking it's the human). She says yes (thinking it's the cat). He freaks out, asking if Tomoka is living with her. She tells him yes, and adds that they eat, take baths, and sleep together. He's shocked and can't picture it, repeating what she just said a couple times, dumbfounded. She's picturing sleeping with the cat, of course. So cute. XD The downside is that he's even more reluctant to let her go back home now...