Title: Beauty and the Beast
Circle: Studio Canopus (Yamada Mario)
Fandom: Sailor Moon
ISBN: N/A, though you can currently purchase this book directly from Yamada here, along with some of her other recent books (歌う人魚と銀の騎士 and Cry For the Moon are novels, so if you can't read Japanese, those might be of less interest to you.). If you don't live in Japan, you will need to use a proxy service to bid (and it can't be celgajapan, because Yamada doesn't sell to them). This isn't as hard as it sounds--I found a reliable one with reasonable rates through a quick Google search. Just look at the policies, rates, and reputations of a few and choose the one you like best. Some will give you a discount on acquisition cost if you order multiple books from the same seller, and at least one (Rinkya) has special rates for doujinshi. You can ask the proxy service to talk to Yamada beforehand about it if you want to make sure there will be no problems (I think some services won't refund your money if something goes wrong with the auction and some will blacklist you if they receive negative feedback because of you). She also does not accept bids from new users, so if you are in Japan but haven't bid on Yahoo Japan auctions before, you'll also need to have someone else bid for you. Her other rules include not selling to people she thinks will resell her books, and not wanting bidders who won't follow through on an auction. I think that's really all you need to know.
Just one more note: I'm giving you all this information in good faith. Please, please don't be a jerk and use it to rip off other Studio Canopus fans who don't read this page (In fact, if you know other Studio Canopus fans who don't read this page, please pass all this information on to them!). $10-20 commission/acquisition cost per book plus $10-20 shipping from Japan is reasonable; making $100 profit off your fellow fans is not.

This is a short Sailor Moon doujinshi from Studio Canopus (who also did Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made, Hoshi ni Negai wo, and Tou no Naka no Himegimi). The creator, Yamada Mario, also did a short for the Colorful Moon 8 anthology, "Lonely Tropical Fish," which has been scanlated by Lililicious. Lililicious has also scanlated a couple of other short Studio Canpus doujinshi, The Little Mermaid and be bound, and is planning to do more (Bleu de Ciel, Your Eyes Only, and Tou no Naka no Himegimi).
This doujinshi is a companion book of sorts to one of Yamada's fanfics (歌う人魚と銀の騎士), and mainly consists of the afterword to that fanfic. There are also some illustrations and a short manga, though. I'm not going to bother posting the text-only pages here, but you can find the full doujinshi here (as individual images) or here (as a zip file).


Haruka says she's the beauty mentioned in the book's title. Michiru doesn't understand why she, Michiru, would be the beast, but Haruka says it's because Michiru's a fish--a mermaid.

I'm including this for the cute illustration of Seramyu actresses doing the famous Titanic scene at a fan event.

"Sanpomichi" ("Promenade"): Haruka notices some mosquitoes, and tells Hotaru not to get bitten. Hotaru asks Haruka if she likes mosquitoes.

Haruka replies that she doesn't really--after all, they suck blood. Hotaru then asks if she likes flies. Haruka doesn't like those either, and mentions that the movie The Fly was scary. (and doesn't really understand why Hotaru brought it up). Hotaru asks about butterflies, and Haruka replies that moths can be a pain, but she likes the pretty ones. Then Hotaru asks the obvious question: what about hotaru (fireflies, but Haruka interprets it to mean Hotaru herself)?

Haruka replies that she loves Hotaru, and carries her home.

When Hotaru gets home, she tells Michiru that Haruka is a total lady-killer. lol