Title: C!!
Mangaka: Sorishimazu Kotarou
ISBN: 4199600841

This is a 4-panel manga series. It seems to mainly be about a group of women that make BL (yaoi) doujinshi; one of the women is into girls, and there are a few strips about her.

Front cover:

Back cover:

Girl A says she slept through fifth period and asks for Girl B's notes. Girl B says that Girl A is hopeless. Then the two girls are suddenly possessed by characters from doujinshi. T-ya suddenly confesses her love to N-e and says she wants to "put it in her." N-e asks T-ya to stop. Just then, a teacher opens the door and asks them what they're doing. Of course, they protest that it's not what it looks like...

This strip, like most of the yuri ones, is about Ogata Wakaha. Wakaha stubs her toe and starts yelling at the table, telling it she's going to rape it and make it cry. At the end of the strip, Wakaha wonders if she's the only female doujinshi creator that turns into a seme (a top; I've mainly heard this term used in reference to BL stuff) when she snaps.

Wakaha checks out a girl on the subway, then wonders what she's doing.

A girl comes up to Wakaha's table (at a doujin event) to tell her she's a fan of her work, and asks to shake her hand. Wakaha asks what school the girl's uniform is from, and tells her she's really cute and that the uniform really suits her. Wakaha wonders to herself why flirtatious lines flow out of her mouth like that.

A girl tells Wakaha she's a big fan of her work and offers her flowers; they're lillies ("yuri," the same "yuri" as in female-female stuff in manga etc.). Wakaha, her heart racing, asks the girl what she means by giving her lillies. The girl is surprised, and Wakaha realizes that of course they don't mean what she thought they might mean.

Some girls come up to Wakaha and Hinata and ask if they'll come take purikura pictures with them (it's those photo machines that you have a picture taken in and then they print out little stickers or whatever, and you can choose borders and other stuff to put on them). Hinata comments to Wakaha that Wakaha has probably been mistaken for a guy again, and she should turn them down. Wakaha replies that Hinata has been mistaken for one too, then accepts the girls' request. Hinata, watching them thinks to herself that Wakaha is a pervert and a womanizer, and that she looks happy about having her picture taken with the girls.

Wakaha and Hinata meet up with Tomoko, who asks to see their catalog (for the doujinshi event they're attending, Comic City). She notes that the genres of the doujinshi circles Wakaha wants to check out are really varied. Hinata tells her that it's because they're all circles with beautiful doujinshi artists who are Wakaha's type. Wakaha wonders to herself what the fashion will be that day, her heart racing with excitement.

Hinata asks Wakaha what happened to her face. Wakaha thinks to herself that there's no way she can tell Hinata what really happened-- enraptured by a middle-schooler who looked like Adachi Yumi, she fell onto the tracks (and face-first, to boot!).

Bio info on Wakaha and Hinata. Wakaha's hobby is receiving love letters from girls-- especially if they contain pictures!

Wakaha and Hinata watch a couple walk past. Hinata says she thought the guy looked totally cool, and asks Wakaha's opinion. The truth was, Wakaha was only looking at the woman... but she lies and tells Hinata she thought the guy was totally rad (she uses outdated slang).

Wakaha tells Hinata she isn't a lesbian. Hinata asks her who her favorite celebrities are. Wakaha lists a bunch of women. Hinata also points out that Hinata's room is covered with posters of female anime characters and idols.

A teacher tells Wakaha that her hair color is against school regulations. Wakaha tells her some sob story about her father's company going under half a year ago and her hair turning color due to malnutrition and stress. The funny part here is that the readers are told to imagine this being read in Ogata Megumi (who played Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon, Shinji from Evangelion, etc.)'s voice! She totally charms the teacher into not only letting her off, but offering to take her out to eat. After thanking the teacher, Wakaha comments on the complete implausibility of her story to Hinata-- if her family really were in financial trouble, she wouldn't be able to keep going to that school.