Title: Dystopia
Mangaka: Suzushi Katsuragi
ISBN: 4847033841

It's said that collecting all of the Hands of God will give one untold power. Angela, a vampire with a Hand of God, decides to try and collect them all in order to save Kyrie (can also be read "Kirie"; I chose "Kyrie" because it fit with the religious imagery of "Angela"), a "servant" (written with the character for "doll" but the English reading "servant") she's taken in.

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Back cover:

Angela has just killed Kyrie's master, Tempest. She tells Kyrie this, breaks her chains, and tells her that she's free to do as she pleases now, even if that includes killing Angela (for killing Tempest).
Angela tells Kyrie goodbye and walks off, but Kyrie calls out to her to wait--Kyrie is more afraid of being alone than of dying or not having freedom. Angela invites her to come with her, and asks Kyrie to promise to stay with her forever.

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