Title: Futarigoto (Together)
Doujinshika: Morishima Akiko

This is an original doujinshi by Morishima Akiko (circle name: Girlish). Morishima has also done some work for Yuri Hime/Shimai-- she did a one-shot in Yuri Shimai volume 2 ("Angels' Wings") which has been scanlated and is available for download here, a con report for the first issue of Yuri Hime, which is available in English in ALC Publishing's Yuri Monogatari 3 (available for purchase here), another one-shot in the first issue of Yuri Hime ("Peach Taste"), available for download in English here, and some other things that aren't available in English yet. She also did a one-shot for ALC Publishing's Yuri Monogatari 4 (available for purchase here).

This doujinshi contains another short manga in addition to the stuff I'm posting here. It's a wacky genderswitch story.

Front cover:

Back cover: "Shiawase Enikki" ("Happy Illustrated Diary").
The long-haired girl tells the short-haired girl that dinner is ready, but the short-haired girl tells her to wait a minute and starts doing a bunch of cleaning. The long-haired girl gets annoyed.

The long-haired girl sits down to eat first, but her soup is really hot, and by the time she's finished blowing on it to cool it down, the short-haired girl is sitting down to eat too-- they ended up eating at the same time anyway.

"Stress Relief."
The dark-haired girl asks the light-haired girl if something happened at work. The light-haired girl says yes, and the dark-haired girl yells at her for worrying about things on her own, telling her it's a bad habit. She tells her it's unhealthy to let it build up inside her, and she needs to let it out. She tells her she can tell her anything.

But instead of speaking, the light-haired girl reaches out and gropes her. The dark-haired girl asks her what she's doing, but she just keeps doing it, then sighs and says, "What a relief!" The dark-haired girl asks if it was really stress that was building up inside her. The light-haired girl responds, "Boob healing."

"Momo no Aji 2" ("Peach Taste 2").
This is the (very short) sequel to "Peach Taste" (an English scanlation of which can be downloaded here). It's two pages long.
Momo's sempai told her that real love, and real kisses, aren't sweet. But when her sempai actually kisses her, Momo makes a discovery-- the kiss didn't taste sweet at all, and yet she got the feeling that it was very sweet. Her sempai wants to go further, but Momo asks her to wait a little while.