Title: Gamen no Kokuhaku (Onscreen Confession)
Mangaka: Manda Ringo
ISBN: 4756704484

This is a BL (yaoi) manga, and one I don't really care for. Its one redeeming feature is that other mangaka make cameos in it, most notably (for me) Hayashiya Shizuru, the mangaka of Strawberry Shake.

Front cover:

Back cover:

The main character, a man who draws H-manga for a living, is at a doujinshi convention, and a friend of his asks if he knows Hayashiya Shizuru. He replies that he's seen her work on the cover of some magazine and stuff and likes it. The other guy tells him that a mutual friend of theirs, Makise Renko, knows Hayashiya Shizuru-- they met through Sailor Moon fandom (a bit of history-- both Makise and Hayashiya really have done several Sailor Moon doujinshi; Makise with the circle Mirage House (scans of a couple of their works are available here, here (warning: mature content), here (warning: adult content), here, and here (warning: mature content)) and Hayashiya under the circle name Jesus Drug (scans of her works are available here and here (warning: adult content; the work by Hayashiya is at the bottom)). The main character pictures Hayashiya as a male otaku.

Then later that day, he meets her at a party, and realizes how completely wrong his image of her was. lol She goes by the nickname "Paa-san" because that was an old pen name of hers (she did some IMO absymally awful hentai doujinshi under the name "Hayashiya P." a little while back, so I think this must be a take-off on that). The main character is really into her. However, it's tough luck for him, because...

He and one of his male assistants (who's been sexually assaulting him) run into her and Makise at a love hotel! The love hotel is called, ironically enough, "Yuri to Bara" ("Lillies and Roses"-- "yuri" being, well, yuri, and "bara" referring to gay men). Each pair is quite shocked to see the other there, and Renko makes a deal with the two guys-- she and Hayashiya will keep their mouths shut about the guys if the guys keep their mouths shut about them.