Title: Hanakotoba (Flower Language)
Circle: Sakuraike

This is an original doujinshi by Sakuraike, who also does the Tact series (which has been mentioned on the Yuricon ML and on Okazu).

This doujinshi contains a couple of other short manga in addition to the stuff I'm posting here. One is about two friends talking about their wishes (and working in a jingle from a commercial), and the other is about the last day two girls are spending together before they will carry out their plan to commit suicide together.
This doujinshi has now been licensed by ALC Publishing. It will be printed in their Yuri Monogatari 5 yuri manga anthology next year!

I'm leaving up a couple scans to whet people's appetite for the book. :)

Front cover:

Back cover:

The series I'm be posting here is "Shiroki Hana Saku Doori Nite" ("On the Road Where the White Flowers Bloom") by Sakuraike Kana. It's a series of 4-panel comics about a pair of girls that draw yuri doujinshi together.

"Jikoshoukai" ("Introduction").
Kotomi introduces herself to the readers. Her full name is Hei Kotomi. She was born into a pretty normal family (two parents and a little sister) and is a second-year (equivalent to 11th grade in the US) high school student at a pretty normal school. The one strange thing about her is that she's a doujinshi creator-- she does original yuri doujinshi, and her pen name is Imuraya Kotton. She feels like it's something she can't tell anyone about.

"Yuri no Hana" ("The Lily").
Another character is introduced-- Ritsuko (this is a guess-- this name can also be read "Noriko"), another doujinshi creator. She and Kotomi work together as a team. Kotomi describes her as "a peony when she stands, a tree peony when she sits, and a lily when she walks." She's also the real thing (i.e., really gay, a pun on the "yuri"/"lily" word)-- she has a girlfriend, Miyuki. In the fourth panel, Miyuki (nicknamed "Yuki" by Ritsuko) and Noriko are off in their own little world, professing their love to each other. Underneath the strip, Kotomi tells us that she, in contrast, is straight.

"Misemasen" ("I Won't Show You").
Kotomi tells us that Ritsuko (who she's nicknamed "Ritsu") uses a lot of models in her manga, and asks Ritsuko if she's ever used Miyuki as a model. Ritsuko replies that she doesn't want to show Miyuki's cuteness to others-- she wants to be the only one priviledged enough to enjoy it. Kotomi tells her "Gochisou-sama" (this is typically a ritual expression of thanks said after meals, but in this case it's a way of teasing someone after having been told something about that person's relationship; I'd say it's something like: "Yeah, TMI, man.").

"Genjitsu to Kyozou no Hazama" ("The Gap Between the Virtual and the Real").
During an event (i.e., a doujinshi convention like Comiket), a person comes up to their table and asks if Kotton (Kotomi)'s doujinshi are based on true stories. Later, Kotomi wonders why she's the one who's always asked that when Ritsuko is the one who's really gay. Ritsuko tells her it's because she's done too much research on homosexuality, and so her works end up sounding really realistic (so much so that it's strange).

"Shoyou Jikan + Idou Jikan Sanpun" ("The Necessary Time, Plus Thirty Minutes For the Commute").
Ritsuko calls Kotomi and asks if it's all right for her to be two and a half hours late. When Kotomi asks why, Ritsuko tells her that she thinks she's going to get her period soon and she really wants to see Yuki right away. Kotomi doesn't get it at first; she just thinks to herself that she doesn't mind Ritsuko being late because she draws quickly. Then she thinks again about what Ritsuko said-- two and a half hours, before her period, wanting to see Yuki... and she gets it. She calls Ritsuko a pervert, and wonders how she could give such a definite figure for the amount of time she's going to need.