Title: Kami Naki Tsukiyo no Gensoukyoku (Phantom Melody of a Godless Moonlit Night)
Doujinshika: Chogenbo Musashiya
Fandom: Kannazuki no Miko
Warnings: adult content (nudity, adult humor, sex)

The beginning of the title is a twist on the "Kannazuki" part of the original series title.

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"Watashi no Hontou Uketotte" ("Accept My Truth").
Chikane tells Himeko that she did what she did because she had to make Himeko hate her, because Himeko couldn't win if she was with her. Himeko is unhappy that Chikane is going to such lengths for her, and asks her to stop.

Chikane, wearing a ridiculous costume, tells Himeko that it's the beginning of their night together. Himeko, crying, asks her to stop, saying that her image of Chikane is ruined. Chikane does some sort of dance (and sings along?).

When Souma asks Chikane what she did to Himeko, she says it's a secret.

"Kanojo mo Mata Tokubetsu na Sonzai Dakara Desu" ("Because She's Special, Too").
Himeko remarks to herself how wonderful Chikane looks in the sunlight, how her beauty is so remarkable it's as though an angel has come down to the garden. She says their meeting was fated.

Chikane holds out her hand to Himeko as a puppy looks on.

"XXnXX Tsukino no Miko" (the title is some sort of pun I don't understand, sorry. It's a twist on "Kannazuki no Miko," but with parts of "Kannazuki" left out and an extra "no" added in).
Himeko tells Chikane that she can't stand shiitake mushrooms. Chikane tells her that shiitake mushrooms are good for the body, so she should get in the habit of eating them. She suggests that Himeko use her (Chikane's) "shiitake" to get used to them ("shiitake" is a metaphor for penis).

Himeko wakes up and realizes it was a dream.

"Souma-kun no Hitori de Dekiru Mon" ("Souma-kun's Saying He Can Do It All By Himself").
Souma experiences a sensation he's never felt before, and wonders if it's an Orochi. Then he thinks it might be a headache. Then he feels some sort of ESP, and wonders exactly what Himeko is up to right then...

"'Aishiteru yo Chikane-chan' Kara Mappadaka ni Naru Made ni Nani ga Atta ka Gyoukan wo Yondemiru Manga." ("A Manga That Reads Between the Lines As To What Happened Between 'I Love you, Chikane' And Being Naked.")
Himeko tells Chikane she loves her.

Chikane says that Himeko is like a baby (after Himeko sucks on Chikane's breasts), and Himeko says that Chikane must be her mother then. Himeko says she'd rather Chikane be her lover.

Most of the rest of the dialogue here is typical sex scene talk so I'm not going to bother translating it. One important part is that Chikane notices Himeko's wound/scar from the time she hurt her, and apologizes. Himeko says it was really awful at the time, but now she's glad that Chikane was her first.

And there's a gag at the end--one of the mechs comes up and, after apologizing for disturbing them, says that they should get on with the next part (of the plot). Chikane/Himeko's mech sends the other flying, screaming "Ahhh! Pervert!" and the other mech, as it's flying through the air, says "Not a pervert, an Orochi!" (the word for "pervert" here, "ecchi," sounds a lot like "Orochi.")