Title: Killer Queen
Circle: Jesus Drug (Hayashiya Shizuru)
ISBN: n/a

Hayashiya Shizuru is the mangaka of Strawberry Shake, a popular yuri manga (see Lililicious for a scanlation if you haven't heard of it). She's also done a couple Marimite doujinshi, Don't Let Me Down and Killer Queen.

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Sei forgot her lunch, so she wants Youko to share hers with her. Youko refuses, so Sei jumps up and grabs a piece of asparagus directly from Youko's mouth. Just then, Shimako walks in-- planning to share her lunch with Sei, in fact-- and finds Youko with a nosebleed and Sei lying on the floor.

Shimako deliberately tries to scare Sei to get attention from her and time with her.
First, she tells Sei about ghosts and then says there's one behind her. Sei clings desperately to her. On a cold day, scaring Sei is a way for Shimako to warm herself up.
Shimako's next plan is to leave out a book of scary stories for Sei and leave her alone; when Shimako comes back later, Sei will be so scared that she'll ask Shimako to walk home with her. However, Shimako comes back to find her plan has backfired-- Yumi is there with Sei. Needless to say, she isn't pleased. lol

Shizuka has come to the first-year area to return a pouch that she found. She runs into Shimako. It's a My Melody pouch (one of those cute Sanrio things, like Hello Kitty), and they picture what "Sei Melody" would look like.

Sei is tired and wants to put off the work she and Youko are doing. Sei wants something sweet to eat, and she notices that Rei is eating something. Rei apologizes, saying the sweet she just ate is the last one she has. So Sei decides to just take that one. Then she doesn't like it, so she gives it back. Shimako and Youko both tell a perplexed Rei to "give it back" even though it was never theirs in the first place. Yumi tells Sei that she has a coffee-flavored candy, so Sei takes that one instead. Then Yumi grabs Sei and, uh, yeah. Go Yumi!

This time it's Yumi who runs into Shizuka. Yumi offers Shizuka some strawberries with sugar on them, and so Shizuka pictures Sei with strawberries (there's a play on words here-- Sei's family name, Satou, is a homonym for the Japanese word for sugar). She then asks Yumi for her recipe. lol

Shimako runs into Sei, who's playing with Goronta. Sei tells Shimako that she likes the cat's fur (so much that she could pet it all day), so Shimako says she'll let her body hair grow out now instead of shaving it. Of course, Sei says she'd prefer that Shimako shave...

Another Satou/sugar joke with Shizuka. This time it's square rice cakes (kiri-mochi; this particular kind is called "satou no kiri-mochi"-- "sugar kiri-mochi"). Shizuka sees the "mochi" and thinks "mochi hada" (soft, smooth skin). She buys a truckload of them.

This story is all about Youko's feelings of rejection concerning Sei (a writer after my own heart! lol). It's raining outside. Youko is stuck in the Rose Mansion and Sei, after having fallen asleep on a bench, is drenched. Sei makes some comment about being stuck there all night with Youko if the rain doesn't stop. Youko, still keeping her calm, gives Sei a towel and starts to dry Sei's hair. Sei tells Youko she'll do it herself. Sei catches Youko staring at her, but Youko just says she wasn't. Youko says it's hot. Sei says she thinks the rain cooled things off. The sound of blood pounding in Youko's ears merges with the sound of the rain.