Title: Kiss Doll
Mangaka: Hayashiya Shizuru (alias: Hayashiya Paa)
ISBN: n/a

Hayashiya Shizuru is the mangaka of Strawberry Shake, a popular yuri manga (see Lililicious for a scanlation if you haven't heard of it). This is one of her early adult one-shots. Since it isn't readily available, I'll be posting all but one page (the one with adult content). There are implications of non-consensual sex in this one-shot.

"A doll, a doll
A cute little doll
With amber hair
And eyes of gray
A quality product
Made to order."

An employee of the "doll" shop has brought a new acquisition. The girl is not happy to be there... and she wasn't what the shop manager was expecting, either. The doll shop had asked for a girl who was already trained, but the nasty old coot at the supplier's pretended he hadn't gotten their order. Unfortunately, they're stuck with the girl-- they only have five days before the customer will be coming for his order, and that's not enough time to send the girl back and get a new one. The manager decides to try and turn the girl into a proper doll in the five days she has.

After the girl bites her, the manager declares that the girl was actually a good purchase-- she'll be able to get a high price for her.

First things first-- the manager tells her lackey to fix up the girl's appearance-- bath, shampoo, clothes, the works. That poor, poor lackey. ^^

Afterwards, the manager says that the girl looks wonderful-- much better than she expected-- and that she'll become even more beautiful in the next few days.

The manager tells the girl that her behavior is good, in a way-- she shouldn't try to flirt with people, shouldn't try to suck up to them, etc. On the other hand, she has to be loved (by her master)-- that's a necessary requirement for being a "doll."

It's easy: she'll be given nice clothes, allowed to play when she wants to, given good food to eat, etc.-- her master will do anything for her; she'll just need to give him favors in return, when she feels like it. It's a much better life than the one she'd have if she were living in an orphanage.

The manager tells the girl that she has a lot of things to teach her, and that the girl needs to hurry up and become beautiful.

As she touches her, the manager tells the girl that a pretty doll is allowed both selfishness and luxury.
The customer comes to collect his doll. He thinks she's wonderful.
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When he asks her name, she (politely and obediently) tells him it's Elsa.
The song from the beginning begins to be repeated: "A doll, a doll."
The manager tells Elsa that if she's ever lonely, she's welcome to come back to the shop-- the shop is her home now too.

"A cute little doll
With amber hair
And eyes of gray
A quality product made to order."

Three days later, Elsa turns up back at the shop-- she ran out of her master's home all of a sudden to come back there and see the shop manager.