Title: Koucha Ouji (The (Black) Tea Prince) volume 11 sidestory
Mangaka: Yamada Nanpei
ISBN: 4592172213

Koucha Ouji is being scanlated by Ephemeral Dreams; they're currently on volume 2.

This sidestory, chapters 62-3, is a retelling of Snow White. The yuri spin on this one is that the Queen seems to be interested in the (female) spirit of her magic mirror...

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The Queen calls for her magic mirror to be brought. She asks it who the most beautiful is, and the spirit of the mirror replies that she is. Moreover, she addresses her as "My lovely/beautiful Queen," complete with hearts. The Queen tells her she's looking cute, as always.

Later, the Queen asks the mirror who the most beautiful is, and the mirror replies that it's still her, but by a very narrow margin. The Queen isn't happy about this, of course... ^^;

The Queen asks again, thinking Snow White is gone now, but the mirror tells her that Snow White, now living in the forest, has gained in brilliance due to her newfound love, and is now the most beautiful. Zing!

Brief recap of the previous chapter.

The mirror spirit tells the Queen that Snow White is the prettiest that day too. The Queen decides she'll have to take matters into her own hands.

The mirror spirit wants to know what the Queen has been up to, and they tell her that the Queen has been making magic apples. Thinking the apple looks yummy, she takes a bite. The Queen kisses her to wake her, telling her what a foolish girl she is. And they live happily ever after, the Queen having discovered something more precious than beauty... I love this story. :D