Title: Lily White (printed in Yuri Hime 1)
Text: Ruri Hozuki, Illustrations: Sakura Shio
ISBN: B000A7G67O (Yuri Hime 1)

This is one of the yurified fairy tales ("Yurimm Fairy Tales") from Yuri Shimai/Hime magazine. I've translated it in full rather than writing up notes on it.
For scanlations of manga from Yuri Shimai/Hime, see Lililicious. Lililicious is also planning to scanlate this story, along with "Princess Kaguya" (from Yuri Shimai 5) and "Rapunzel" (from Yuri Hime 2).

They were really yuri... maybe?!

It's true!
Yurimm Fairy Tales

Chapter 1 "Lily White [note: the Japanese title of Snow White is Shirayuki-hime (White Snow Princess). This story is titled Shirayuri-hime (White Lily Princess).]"

When we went back and re-read some of the fairy tales you all know and love... we found that more than 90% of them were yuri (this is according to the Editing Department's research... so maybe it was just wishful thinking)?!
These Yurimm Fairy Tales are the result of that half-baked investigation!
First up is Snow White's story.

Story: Ruri Hozuki
Art: Sakura Shio

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... where is my Onee-sama [note: Either one's older sister or a young woman old enough to be one's older sister.]?

        "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?"
        "Lily White, with her skin as fair as lilies, her hair as dark as a moonless night, and her lips as red as rubies......"
        "What? She is more beautiful than I? Then she shall die!"
        Lily White narrowly escaped the evil clutches of her stepmother, who had been driven mad by jealousy. As she wandered the forest, she came across a deserted cottage standing in the shadows of the trees.
        "Oh, my! What a darling little cottage! I wonder whom it belongs to?
        Lily White, in her naivete, entered the cottage, crawled into one of the beds, and promptly fell asleep. Then, the seven mistresses of the house returned.

Be our little sister!

        "Ahhh! Who is this girl? She's exactly the kind I like! Let me give her a kiss! I don't mind if it's just on the cheek!"
        "Use my arms as a pillow."
        "No, wake up and try the grub I made!"
        "How about having the yummy sweets I made?"
        "Let's get tipsy on the wine I brewed."
        "C'mere 'n I'll sleep wit'cha."
        "What are you saying? This maiden shall sleep by my side. She shall find no hardship there." It seemed there was one among them who was of noble birth.
        Lily White, naive maiden that she was, was mute in the face of the women's assault. She lay there like a helpless little rabbit.
        "But they all seem like beautiful, kind young women... Ehe!"

        Lily White's stepmother spied her in her mirror once more.
        "She still lives! And look how they shower her with affection! I envy her s-... no, I _detest_ her so!"
        Sauteed apples, apple candies, apple cakes, and so on and so forth... laden with poisoned apple treats, Lily White's stepmother paid a visit to the cottage in the woods.
        "Would you care for an apple?"
        "Oh, my, it looks delicious!"
        When Lily White took a bite of the apple, her ruby lips lost their color and her skin was shadowed by her dark hair. Her obsidian eyes shut, she lay unmoving, as though death had claimed her.
        "Please, awaken!"
        The young women, who found it difficult to resign themselves to Lily White's fate, decided to place her in a glass coffin and pray for her.


We beg of you, grace us with your smile once more!

        One day, drawn by the coffin's shine, a traveling prince... no, a princess in prince's clothing, who also happened to be a ladykiller... came upon Lily White.
        "What a lovely princess!"
        Taking advantage of the fact that the mistresses of the house were out, the princess opened the coffin and took Lily White in her arms. With her long eyelashes, her soft cheeks, and her lips like flower petals...... she was so beautiful, she looked like an exquisitely crafted doll.
        "My dear, you shall be mine."
        As the princess leaned in to kiss Lily White...
        "What do you think you're doing, you pervert?!" An angry shout resounded through the forest.
        The seven young women had returned home from their daily labors.

You must be the woman I'm destined to love, the one I've seen in my dreams.
I've been searching for you!


Gently cradled in the young womens' arms...

@Ahn! I can't see!@

        "What are you doing to Lily White?"
        "You scoundrel!"
        The young women were rather extreme, short-tempered, and extraordinarily capable; the princess took quite a beating.
        "Ahn~! It's so loud I can't sleep~!" Lily White said, suddenly awaking.
        How great the power of yuri was, that it could even neutralize poison! It was a bit nonsensical.
        "Thank goodness! Lily White!"
        "You've awoken!"
        The young women descended upon Lily White. There was a flurry of kisses and embraces.
        Lily White and the young women lived happily ever after. Meanwhile, the poor princess elected to continue her travels.


Horse: @Let us return home, Mistress.@

Princess: @......@

Princess: @Who in the world... were those fierce women?@