Title: Mare ("mea" in katakana)
Mangaka: Morinaga Miruku (aka Morinaga Milk)
Warnings: adult content, i.e. sex (yuri, het, rape)
ISBN: 4-89829-944-X

Mare is not a cute story. It's a dark H-manga with a lot of rape, some by guys and some by monsters; and a lot of het sex, if that bothers anyone. There's also some magic, some romance/angst, and I'm not sure what else, because I've only skimmed it. ^^ There does seem to be some sort of plot, although it seems to revolve around schoolgirls getting raped. >_> The main character is the girl with the dark hair in pigtails. Her name is Mare. She's the one with the magic powers, and she seems to use them to help (and hurt?) some other girls in the manga. The girl who she seems to maybe have feelings for, and rescues on at least one occasion, is Tsukiko. She has short, wavy, dark hair.

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Back cover:

The blonde-haired girl, Gomori, is some sort of spirit/creature that Mare summoned. She seems to be under the impression that she and Mare are girlfriends. Mare tries to correct her, but it just doesn't sink in. ^^; She's also jealous that Mare slept with someone else (another supernatural being, I'm guessing), who bragged about it.

Mare summoned Gomori to help her with a test she has coming up. Gomori says she'll get her the questions and answers for the test, and they end up sleeping together, too.

During their lovemaking, Gomori says that Mare hasn't called her in a while and asks if she's made friends with someone. Mare says no, but she thinks of Tsukiko. Gomori also has a present for Mare, a dildo made of flowers. ^^; Mare is definitely not pleased about that, and asks her to leave--she says she wouldn't even mind failing the test, she just wants her to go! She says she doesn't want to be fucked by something so stupid (who can blame her, really?). ^^;

Tsukiko thinks to herself that she's afraid of Mare, and she doesn't remember her existing before. Then, a strange voice tells her to run away, so she does. Mare is up on the roof of the dorm with Gomori and sees Tsukiko running off. Mare takes off after her, but then loses sight of her. She runs into another girl, Kagura, who came out because she saw Tsukiko and Mare out and wondered what was going on. Mare tells her to go back to the dorm. Kagura gives Mare a cross for protection. At first, Mare thinks that it won't be of any use to her, but then she realizes there's something strange about it. Kagura goes back to wait in the dorm, after telling Mare to be careful.

Mare finds Tsukiko, who is lying naked on the ground. She asks her if she's all right, and starts to ask her what happened to her clothes, when Tsukiko kisses her, and then starts to assault her, obviously possessed by something.

Mare thinks to herself that she has to do something, but she can't call Gomori, because Gomori would probably kill Tsukiko (or maybe she means kill Mare herself, I'm not sure). Tsukiko asks Mare to tell her her (Mare's) real name, in a weird voice, and Mare figures out what's going on. Apparently Kagura was the one behind the attack--she was trying to exorcise Mare or something.

Mare comes back to the dorms, into Tsukiko's window (maybe they're roommates? I'm not sure). She asks Tsukiko if she's afraid of her, and introduces her to the cat she's raising (which has supernatural powers; I think to show people illusions or something). It apparently likes to open up people's deepest wounds.

Mare tells Tsukiko she's cute, and Tsukiko tells her not to touch her.

Mare uses magic to put Tsukiko to sleep.

Tsukiko has just been raped by monsters. Mare comes to her rescue. Mare says to her, roughly, "Your wounds are deep, but if they don't disappear, you'll just have to live with them. It's not a hard thing to do, really. But if things are too hard for you, then I'll do you a favor and kill you myself."

This girl, can't remember her name, has been attacked by some sort of monsters that made her really aroused. Mare rescues her, and takes care of her (in a sexual sense).

She also tries to get some info out of her about what happened on a certain night. The girl says that she saw someone above Aya (her roommate, I'm guessing), and, after some prompting by Mare, that it was a girl, and then that it was Mare herself. She asks Mare to take her to heaven the way she did for Aya. Then

Mare hears someone coming, and calls Gomori.

Mare remembers a similar moment from her past.

Mare tells Tsukiko that her parents and little sister were killed "in the name of God." She says that a lot of people were declared witches for silly reasons. She was the only one who was saved. Tsukiko asks why Mare is talking about this all of a sudden. Mare thinks to herself that she has lived for countless years in order to get her revenge, and she realized she wasn't one of "God's children" when she noticed her body had stopped aging. Mare tells Tsukiko that her little sister had the same name as her (Tsukiko). Tsukiko asks if that's why Mare hasn't killed her. Mare tells her that she doesn't need to feed for a bit longer, since it's just her. Tsukiko asks what she means, but Mare just asks Tsukiko if she'll come with her. She tells Tsukiko that if she goes with her, she might never be able to return. Tsukiko is surprised, asking, "...You're going somewhere?" Mare replies that she can't escape from "him." She tells her goodbye, and I think uses magic to put her to sleep.

Mare thinks to herself that she can't take Tsukiko with her because she reminds her of her sister.

Tsukiko is looking for Mare. She finds her unconscious body. She thinks she's dead at first, but then some guy whose name I don't know (she calls him Sensei, so maybe he's a teacher?) tells her that Mare is still breathing.


Tsukiko says that Mare isn't like a normal person, so she can't die, right? Ozawa tells her that if Tsukiko truly wishes to save Mare, she'll help her, but it will involve risking her own (Tsukiko's) life.

Tsukiko does the ritual to bring Mare back to life, with Ozawa's help. It just happens to involve sex... big surprise there. -_-; Tsukiko thinks to herself that up until this point she's been scared of Mare, because Mare has these scary powers and has no problem killing people, and Tsukiko doesn't understand Mare's thought patterns at all. But she's a very dear friend.

In helping Tsukiko, Ozawa betrayed the "Master," and so he kills her. Tsukiko gives Mare her power (hey, it's an H-manga, of course power is passed through kissing! -_-), and Mare beats the bad guy.

The very end of the manga. The cherry trees are blooming out of season. Mare doesn't care, because she's been busy rounding up the last of the bad guys. Tsukiko asks Mare why she saved her, if it was because they're friends. Mare doesn't really answer, just says "Dunno," and then says she has to go. Tsukiko says she'll go with her.

In the classroom, the teacher is asking where Tsukiko is, but nobody knows. Mare's existence has been erased from their minds now (we know this because they say Tsukiko doesn't have a roommate--apparently Mare was her roommate before).