Title: The Little Mermaid (printed in Yuri Shimai 4)
Text: Ruri Hozuki, Illustrations: Sakura Shio
ISBN: 489644549X (Yuri Shimai 4)

This is one of the yurified fairy tales ("Yurimm Fairy Tales") from Yuri Shimai/Hime magazine. I've translated it in full rather than writing up notes on it.
For scanlations of manga from Yuri Shimai/Hime, see Lililicious.This illustrated text story has now been scanlated by Lililicious.

They were really yuri!? Yuri fairy tales for maidens.

The Little Mermaid

Around 90% of Grimm's fairy tales are yuri!! [According to the Editing Department's research.]
And so the third installment of this hugely popular series is the story of a sweet, naive mermaid princess who finds True Love.

Text: Ruri Hozuki
Illustrations: Sakura Shio

        "You're an adult now!"
        In the mermaids' palace, located deep within the sea, the mermaid princesses were enjoying the youngest princess's birthday celebration.
        When mermaids reached the age of fifteen, they were finally allowed to catch a glimpse of the world that existed above the water.
        "Are you certain you'll be all right on your own?"
        Within the circle of princesses offering their congratulations to the youngest, one worried face stood out; it belonged to the third-oldest princess. She was terribly worried about the youngest princess, whom she had loved since she was young.
        In contrast to the third-oldest princess's feelings, the youngest princess's own heart was overflowing with joy.
        'I can take a peek at the Human World now!'
        The princesses were in possession of a treasure: a marble statue that had been swept along by currents to the palace at the bottom of the sea. It was in the shape of a beautiful boy, and every time the princess looked at it, her heart began to pound.
        "I wonder if such beautiful people dwell in the world above?"
        At the bay where the mermaid surfaced, displaying her sweet and lovely appearance to the world above, stood one such beautiful person.
        "Greetings, O mermaid princess fair. If you so wish, would you accompany me to the dance this evening?"
        A prince from the world above...... no, it was a woman in prince's clothing, in possession of a beauty so great it was sinful. She stole the pure mermaid's heart in the briefest of instants.

        The beautiful woman in men's clothing, who bore a vague resemblance to the marble statue, was a verifiable veteran in possessing the hearts of maidens. She would not easily relinquish the mermaid princess's heart now that it was in her grasp.
        'I wish to see her again, and to dance with her.'
        The princess visited the Witch of the Sea, in hopes she would grant her a pair of human legs.
        "Very well. But it shall cost you dearly."
        Waited on by her mermaid servants, the witch mixed various potions.
        "I shall take that beautiful voice you are so proud of in payment."
        The princess accepted without a moment's hesitation. With the witch's help, she would be able to dance with the prince (princess?).
        "If your beloved does not propose to you within seven days, you shall become foam on the sea. That is the side effect of this potion."
        The witch's warning failed to reach the princess's ears.
        Worried about the youngest princess, the third-oldest princess followed her to the surface to investigate. Staunchly unwilling to relinquish her little sister to one such as the flirtatious prince, she rushed onward, grasping her memories of their past days together to her breast.

        It was a beautiful moonlit night. The mermaid princess sat alone at the head of the stairs leading down to the mermaids' palace, cooling her red, swollen feet. Once on the surface, she had transformed her tail into a pair of legs and been able to approach the prince. But alas, her heart remained cloudy, for the prince's love belonged not to her alone but to vast number of maidens.
        "Was someone mean to you!?"
        The third-oldest princess poked her head out of the water.
        The unexpected visit brought tears to the youngest princess's eyes.
        ......Then there came a soft, cool feeling on her leg. Her Onee-sama's gentle kiss healed even the princess's wounded heart.

        At every moment, the princess's end drew nearer.
        Seeing the prince flirt with a different girl each night, she had a change of heart. The anticipation of seeing her Onee-sama set her heart pounding much more than being asked to dance by the prince.
        The Onee-sama that appeared that night had undergone a complete transformation. Her long hair had been cut off, and her white cheeks were pale, like those of the marble statue.
        "This is a magical dagger. The witch fashioned it from my hair. Pierce your beloved's breast with this, and you will return to being a mermaid."
        Her beloved...... was no longer the prince. It was surely her Onee-sama.
        'I couldn't.'
        Grasping the dagger to her breast, the princess cast herself into the sea.

        Her beloved Onee-sama's face merged with that of the marble statue's in her mind, and she was filled with sadness.
        'Don't cry for me, Onee-sama. I'm happy...'
        As the mermaid lowered her eyelids, tears spilled out of her eyes, dripping down onto the dagger. What do you suppose happened after that?
        The dagger twinkled, then melted into a platinum-blue liquid. In the blink of an eye, the princess's legs were a fin once more.
        "Thank goodness. I made it in time."
        "Wh-... what happened, Onee-sama? Why?"
        The dagger was created to respond to tears of Pure Love; only then would it reverse the effects of the potion.
        "I love you. I wish to be with you forever."
        "And I as well, Onee-sama."
        And thus the two mermaids lived happily ever after.