Title: Oniisama e... (Dear Brother... as in the beginning of a letter, although I think Angst Angst Angst or Schoolgirls Angst, Readers Curse and Cry would be appropriate as well... ;-D)
Mangaka: Ikeda Riyoko
ISBNs: for 2-volume bunko edition: 4122040337, 4122040485; I think the other editions are out of print, I had a heck of a time getting my copy of the aizouban a few years back.

This is one of my favorite anime/manga of all time. :-D
Lililicious is scanlating the manga; the anime has been subtitled with the title "Dear Brother" by Anime Sols.

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Volume 1
Rei has just been injured by a kenzan (spiky flower arranging implement), and asks Fukiko to bandage her. She's insistent that Fukiko be the one to do it. Fukiko refuses, so Nanako does it, all the while thinking to herself that she's sure Fukiko pushed the kenzan off the edge of the table on purpose.

Nanako comes across Rei in the top of the clocktower. She's happy that Rei remembered who she was (earlier on in the manga, Rei didn't remember meeting her on the bus). When Rei reaches out to help her down, Nanako's heart begins to race. Nanako wonders what's wrong with herself.

Mariko, being playful (or creepy, take your pick), covers Nanako's eyes and then, upset when Nanako guesses that it's Tomoko, bites Nanako's ear. She then invites Nanako to her birthday party.

Nanako discovers that she's the only one Mariko has invited to her birthday party, and things get stranger from there as Mariko first invites Nanako to bathe with her and then refuses to let her leave. Poor, lonely, Mariko. :( Guess she's not popular at school because of the whole "daughter of a porno writer" thing... either that or her creepy obsessiveness and whacko tendencies. Either/or, really.

Rei, drugged out of her mind, thinks that Nanako is Fukiko and talks about committing suicide together. Ah, good times.

Volume 2
Nanako confesses her feelings to Rei, after getting trippy from one (albeit long) drag on Rei's cigarette. Innocent, innocent Nanako...

In order to get Nanako to stop writing letters to Henmi, Fukiko kind of seduces her, kissing her on the ear. And no, they're not nude on page 79 (damn! Fukiko doesn't really have superpowers that allow her to strip Nanako in under a second!), it's just a nice abstract thing. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for Nanako), Rei bursts in at that moment and breaks up the party.

Rei uses Nanako to get an indirect kiss from Fukiko. Guess they don't share drinks, huh? ;)

Rei is crying about how Fukiko has distanced herself from her, and Nanako thinks to herself that Rei's heart is "full of Fukiko."

In a continuation from the scene depicted in the last image, Nanako comforts Rei, and notices the scar on her wrist (from her attempted suicide with Fukiko).

Rei and Fukiko talk about committing suicide together.

Rei thinks of how she always loved Fukiko, and loved and admired her beauty and nobility. She says in this scene that they are half-sisters, but the truth is that they actually both have the same (birth) mother and father, and both know this but think the other doesn't know. It's unclear whether their love for each other is familial love or something else.

Rei tells Nanako about how Fukiko gave her a doll and a bracelet after their attempted suicide, right before Rei moved to live on her own in an apartment. She also says that Fukiko promised to try to love Rei, as her little sister, and so asked her to transfer to Seiran Academy. Nanako is sad that Rei's a druggie. Aww. On the next page, Rei tells Nanako that she was glad she met her (Nanako), because she needed her. Nanako, narrating, says that she mistakenly assumed those were words of a beginning rather than an ending.

Fukiko, grieving after Rei's suicide (although Rei dies in an accident in the anime, she deliberately commits suicide in the manga), admits to herself that she loved her. Nanako, of course, is crushed, too, saying "I thought she loved me! I believed I had a place in her heart, even just a small one!" Poor Nanako. Poor everyone, really. :(

Okay, that's it for Oniisama e, you can all put your hankies away now and go read some fluff to cheer up. >_>