Title: Goshujin-sama ni Amai Ringo no Okashi (A Sweet Apple Treat For My Master)
Mangaka: Fujita Takumi
ISBN: 4344800575

This is a collection of one-shots. The yuri one, "Onshitsu Butoukai" ("Greenhouse Dancing Club") is subtle and bittersweet with a dash of humor. It takes place at a girls' school, probably somewhere in the Kansai region (everyone speaks with an accent, and I think it's a Kansai accent).
This has now been scanlated by Lililicious.

A bunch of underclassmen in the dancing club are looking for the seniors in the club, who are about to graduate. Eniwa is asked why she's skipping out on the meeting, since she's close to Katsurayama, one of the seniors about to graduate. She's also pumped for gossip about Katsurayama, who supposedly has fooled around quite a bit, but refuses to talk.

They find the seniors in a classroom, and one girl asks a senior to take a picture with her.

One senior comments that it's been a waste of her time, being in a dance club at a girls' school-- they don't even participate in competitions, and she's gotten in the habit of dancing as the lead.

Katsurayama says she got to be a follow (the "girl") for a while in her first year of high school, but Eniwa has been stuck being a lead since the time she entered the school, since she's so tall. She says Eniwa must not have liked being stuck doing that, but Eniwa disagrees.

Another girl says they have to scout new students who look like they're going to grow tall; they have to kidnap them from the basketball club.

The photo-taking and dancing continue. Katsurayama says she's sick of this, and that the girls are always taking pictures anyway. Eniwa says that it's the last chance she and the other underclassmen have to see the seniors before graduation.

Katsurayama says she wanted to go to graduation but won't be able to make it. Eniwa asks if she's not going to the tea afterwards either. Katsurayama says that even if she were to rush back, she'd only be able to catch the end of it, so it would just be a pain to try. She says that since she's getting to stay in a nice hotel she'll want to take her time and enjoy it, even though she's going for an entrance exam and not sightseeing.

Katsurayama thanks Eniwa for the present she left her, and says she could have just given it to her personally instead of leaving it in her desk. She asks if it's a graduation present and if she can open it right then, and Eniwa replies that it's a congratulatory present for Katsurayama passing her exam. Katsurayama says she hasn't passed yet, but Eniwa says she will.

The present is lipstick. Eniwa says that once Katsurayama is in college she might finally start wearing more makeup. Katsurayama says she won't, and that she isn't. Eniwa points out that she's drawn in her eyebrows, but Katsurayama says that doesn't count.

Katsurayama accuses Eniwa of getting things for her too often--she gave her presents for her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. Eniwa says it was just on those occasions, and Katsurayama points out that she just gave her a present. Eniwa says it's okay because it's the last one.

Some girls want to take a picture with them. One of the girls spots the lipstick and comments on how unusual it is that she would have it, then asks if Eniwa gave it to her. She asks her to put it on. Katsurayama refuses, saying it would be embarrassing.

The girls ask if Eniwa is going to take a picture too but she says no.

Katsurayama tells Eniwa that she never said she wouldn't accept the lipstick, but that it would be better if Eniwa just used it herself. Eniwa says the color doesn't suit her. Katsurayama asks if Eniwa bought the color to suit her (Katsurayama's) complexion. Katsurayama opens it, and comments that it's a pretty color. She asks to borrow a mirror.

Meanwhile, someone's skirt flies up and someone accidentally gets a picture of another girl's underwear.

Eniwa says Katsurayama doesn't have to hide like this, but Katsurayama tells her to just hold the curtain. Eniwa doesn't understand why Katsurayama is embarrassed.

Katsurayama says she doesn't know much about lipstick, but Eniwa knows she's lying--she can tell by the way Katsurayama puts it on that she's used to it.

Eniwa asks Katsurayama to take her glasses off and take her hair down. Katsurayama asks if Eniwa wants to take a picture. Eniwa says no. Katsurayama asks Eniwa if she has any requests for her.

Eniwa confesses that she was always unhappy about never being able to dance with Katsurayama-- they couldn't dance together because they were both leads. Katsurayama says that if the two of them danced together, they'd look like gay guys. Then she wonders to herself how it would work out to be gay guys when the two of them are women. lol

Eniwa tells Katsurayama she can wipe the lipstick off. Katsurayama asks for Eniwa's impression of it, and Eniwa says it suits her. Katsurayama says that once she gets things in order at college, she'll send Eniwa a present in return. She asks what Eniwa wants, and Eniwa says that she just wants Katsurayama to use up the lipstick. Katsurayama says that she'll put tons of it on, kiss tons of people, and use it up like crazy. Eniwa starts to cry, and tells Katsurayama she doesn't like her. Katsurayama leans in and wipes away Eniwa's tears.

The story skips ahead to the beginning of the new school year. Eniwa is meeting with another club member, Kyouko, who tells her that there were a ton of new students interested in joining the club but that they were all small, so she and Eniwa will be stuck being leads for the time being. Eniwa asks Kyouko to come closer, and picks a petal out of her hair. Kyouko blushes.

Then Eniwa suggests they dance together, saying that Kyouko will have to be a lead when the new students come, so she should take advantage of this opportunity to be a follow. Kyouko agrees, and offers to trade off with Eniwa so they both get a chance to do it. As they're dancing, more club members arrive and ask what they're up to.