Title: Scape-God
Mangaka: Takato Rui
Warnings: adult content, i.e. nudity and sex
ISBN: 9784840237437

Scape-God bills itself as a "SF yuri violence action divine romance (by which I think they mean an Arthurian romance sort of thing rather than a work focusing on love)." I think that gives a pretty good idea of what it's like. lol Though they left out "with gratuitous nudity."
It ran in Dengeki Daioh and has been collected into one volume.

Chapter 1:

The story starts out with Midori, the main character, confessing her love to a friend of hers and being rejected. Midori realizes she's just driven away one of her only friends.

In the world right now, there are creatures called "Extraneous" that appear out of nowhere, kill people, and disappear again. No one remembers when they started appearing, but the chance of being killed by one is about the same as the chance of dying in a car accident. Midori's mother was killed by one a year ago, and not only is her father rarely around, he's also deeply in debt.
As she's walking around that day, Midori is menaced by Anubis and a group of dogs and is about to be killed when another girl appears and fights them.

They go back to Midori's house together and Midori thanks her. The other girl won't tell Midori her name, so Midori just calls her "Hitsuji-san" ("Sheep-san") because of her horns. Hitsuji says she was surprised that Midori didn't run away when she was fighting the Extraneous, but Midori says she knew about her because she saw something about her on the internet.

Midori invites Hitsuji to take a bath with her. Hitsuji remarks that Midori seems a little too happy about undressing Hitsuji and crowding close to her in the bath (because they can't afford to use much hot water).
While they're in the bath, Midori finds out that Hitsuji can read minds.
Also, as she's dumping water on Hitsuji's head, Midori notices that Hitsuji is covered in scars.
The two of them share a futon that night. Midori confides in Hitsuji that she doesn't really like the world-- good things rarely happen to her.

As she's sleeping, Hitsuji flops over onto Midori, and, planning to move her away, Midori touches one of Hitsuji's horns. When she does that, she goes to some weird dreamscape where she learns about Hitsuji, including the fact that Hitsuji is a god. Hitsuji saved the universe, but now she's hurting it--she's somehow responsible for the Extraneous being around. They get in an argument because the Extraneous are responsible for Midori's current bad lot in life.
As they're fighting, Extraneous appear, bearing the dead body of the girl Midori confessed her feelings to the day before. Midori remembers a part of their conversation that wasn't shown before-- the girl tells her everything is all right, that though Midori's confession surprised her, she doesn't hate her or anything, and she'll see her the next day.

Midori tells Hitsuji that she really doesn't like the world, that she doubts many good things will happen to her even if she lives for decades more. And so she promises to support Hitsuji in her battle-- she tells Hitsuji she's welcome to come over for tea anytime, and that, even though she doesn't like men, she'll bear children and pass on Hitsuji's story so that no matter how many years pass, Hitsuji won't have to be alone. In return, she asks Hitsuji to protect humanity.

Midori's home was destroyed in the battle, so she has to move.
Hitsuji agrees to pay Midori's debts-- since she's a god, money is no problem for her.
Chapter 1 ends with an image of Hitsujiya--an Extraneous-fighting service provided by Hitsuji--'s webpage.

Chapter 2:

Interestingly enough, this chapter starts out in America, with a discussion by some government officials.
Then it switches to Japan, to a discussion Midori and Hitsuji are having about how they're getting no calls about Extraneous even though their website has been up for nearly a month now. Midori is Hitsuji's manager.
Midori asks Hitsuji to cook and clean for her. Hitsuji refuses, and tells her to go to school. Midori says that she can't go in case someone tries to contact them.
Someone is listening in on their conversation...

Brooke Newmann, a spy, has been assigned (by the US government) to investigate Hitsujiya and see if it's really just a joke/parody. She's staying in the apartment next to theirs. Looking at her report, she imagines telling her boss that she's determined from her investigation that a girl skipping school and a little cosplaying girl were hanging around their apartment all day.
Midori and Hitsuji have an argument over taking out the garbage. Brooke decides to take her own garbage out. She and Midori, who of course lost the game of rock-paper-scissors she and Hitsuji used to decide who'd take the garbage out, run into each other.
Her eyes glued to Brooke's chest, Midori comments on Brooke's excellent Japanese skills. Brooke replies that she's been in Japan for a long time now.

Brooke bids Midori good night, wondering why Midori (who's making groping motions with her hands...) suddenly looks so happy.
That night, midori dreams about having sex with Brooke. Brooke, in the apartment next door, shudders in her sleep.
The night before she's going to be returning to the States, Brooke offers to share some stew with Midori and Hitsuji, saying she made too much. They all end up getting drunk together, and Midori tells Brooke that Hitsuji really is a god and that she's responsible for the Extraneous problem.

Brooke comments that Midori's friends must be worried about her, and Midori replies that it's better off not to have friends than to live in fear of losing them.
Hitsuji comments on the good stew and invites Brooke to cook for her. Brooke tells them that she's leaving the next day. She also ends up telling them about her dissatisfaction with her job. Hitsuji comments that Brooke is a little like her and Midori. She speaks about her own and Midori's problems, and Brooke realizes that Hitsuji might really be a god. She pulls out her gun, and asks if she should use it on Hitsuji to see if she's really a god. Hitsuji tells her to go ahead. Brooke says she was just joking and that the gun is a toy. Midori looks relieved but Hitsuji says she really wouldn't mind being shot at.
Brooke starts to leave, saying she has an early start the next day, but Midori stops her and kisses her, and asks her not to leave.

Midori puts the moves on Brooke, telling her they should do something to make sure they won't forget each other before they part. They have sex.
As Brooke is waiting in the airport, an Extraneous appears. She calls Midori and Hitsuji, and Hitsuji comes and fights the Extraneous.