Title: Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made (Millenium Edition) (Until Death Separates Them (Millenium Edition))
Circle: Studio Canopus (Yamada Mario)
Fandom: Sailor Moon

This is a lovely doujinshi focusing on Haruka and Michiru. The creator, Yamada Mario, also did a short for the Colorful Moon 8 anthology, "Lonely Tropical Fish," which has been scanlated by Lililicious.

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Front cover:

"Octopus Garden" has been scanlated by destinedcouple.com, so I didn't write a description of it.

brief summary of Octopus Garden afterword:
"Octopus Garden" is the name of a song by a famous band. Yamada was having trouble deciding on a title for the story, but she was looking at CDs and records in her boyfriend (who played electric guitar in a band)'s room and decided to use it. She wonders how that guy is doing these days (thinking that, she's thinking that she's remembering more than she wanted to).

The bit at the bottom says that she was planning to put that particular drawing somewhere else, but it ended up on this page by some trick (literally, prank) of fate.

There seems to be a text story in this book called "yume no ato ni"/"Apres un Reve" ("After a Dream"), but I don't have scans of it. I do have scans of the afterword, but I'm not going to bother with it since we don't know what the story was about anyway.

Senshi Shikkaku (Senshi Disqualification) Reprint -- Senshi Shikkaku is the name of another doujinshi by Studio Canopus. I'm guessing that this 4-panel gag is based on a story in that doujinshi or something. It's definitely based on the SuperS special. Haruka and Michiru realize that there is a new enemy, but decide they'll leave it to Usagi and the gang. Haruka suggests going on a trip to Europe, and Michiru says that it'll be like a honeymoon. Haruka replies, "Hey, hey!"

"Rosy Life," part A. Mamoru tells Michiru that there's no meaning in making sacrifices for a rosy future if there's nothing left to inherit. (Is this a real line from SMS? It's been too long since I've seen it...) Then when the baby Hotaru appears in the end of SMS, Michiru thinks it's a present from God to her and Haruka, since they can't have children of their own. Haruka asks why Michiru would think that, and Michiru tells her that they need something to inherit for the future. She says they're going to become parents and raise Hotaru. Haruka is still skeptical, but she tells her that it's fine for them, as fighters for justice, to drive, drink, and raise a child together even though they're only in 10th grade. Haruka realizes that she has no hope of stopping her. lol.

Part B of "Rosy Life": The two of them take Hotaru to a restaurant with them. Haruka wonders why she, Tenoh Haruka, a genius racer, is stuck carrying the baby bag. lol. Their hostess tells Michiru that Hotaru looks like her, and she replies, "Well!" Haruka sweatdrops.

A bunch of other people in the restaurant are looking at them. Haruka feels their eyes on them. Everyone is talking about how young they are, what a shame it is, etc. Haruka knows they're wrong--she didn't get Michiru pregnant, after all! She thinks to herself that people's stares hurt, and wonders why she is stuck in this situation... In her head, she asks the Messiah if this is her punishment.

Michiru asks Haruka what's wrong.

They live Happily Ever After, because Michiru is happy. lol.

Then there is a bunch of four-panel comics:
First, a gag based on the "love contest" episode of SMS. Haruka does her "Love is everything!" spiel, followed by silence. She tells Michiru to do the 'tsukkomi' (a comedic reply thingy), but Michiru says she's dumfounded.

"Michiru-san's Policy." Haruka calls Michiru over to take care of Hotaru, and Michiru tells her that she should learn to take care of her since she's her "father." Haruka decides to go take a bath with Hotaru, but Michiru vetos that idea, saying that Hotaru would find out Haruka isn't a man if they did that. lol.

"Setsuna-san's Place." Haruka is the father and Michiru is the mother, so what does that make Setsuna? Michiru suggests "mother-in-law," and Haruka suggests "babysitter," but Setsuna doesn't like either idea.

"Haruka-san's Discovery." Haruka calls Michiru over to show her that Hotaru is like an Indian (because she's crying and covering and uncovering her mouth). Setsuna thinks to herself that she's a little worried about Hotaru's future...

"In Haruka-san's Case." Hotaru won't stop crying. To get her to stop, Haruka puts on glasses and imitates Hotaru's father. Setsuna praises her, and Haruka says that the open mouth is a key point in the imitation.

"In Michiru-san's Case." Setsuna wonders if Michiru is going to play Hotaru a lullaby by Schubert or something, but instead, Michiru bounces lemons on her violin. Haruka and Setsuna clap. Setsuna is impressed, and Haruka says she hasn't seen Michiru do this in a while.

"In Setsuna-san's Case." Setsuna starts to do her "Dead Scream" attack, but Michiru stops her, asking her what she's doing. Setsuna apologizes, saying that that's her only talent. Hotaru was so scared, she stopped crying.

"Setsuna-san's Melancholy." Because Hotaru grows up so fast, they have to move every few months. The neighborhood women think that Setsuna had an affair and child with Haruka, then Haruka married Michiru, and the three of them are raising the child together. Setsuna thinks to herself that it's time for them to move again...

"Michiru-san's Melancholy." Michiru remarks that Hotaru is growing up so quickly. The time she liked best was when Hotaru just started walking. She says that she wishes someone would stop time. Setsuna is about to, but Michiru stops her, saying that she lied, that she just said that as a spur of the moment thing.

"Haruka-san's Melancholy." Setsuna comments that Hotaru is about elementary-school age now. Michiru says that before they know it, she'll be getting married. Haruka freaks, saying that she doesn't want Hotaru to get married. She says that if Hotaru is going to be taken by another man, than she might as well... [something's implied here, and I don't get it] Michiru comments that Haruka is really getting into her role as the father. Setsuna says that they need to stop Haruka [related to the earlier joke I didn't get].

"Mendel's Laws." The three parents tell Hotaru they need to have an important talk with her. They tell her that they're sailor senshi. She says that under Mendel's laws of inheritance, she must be a sailor senshi because her father and mother both are. Haruka wonders if Hotaru still thinks she's a man; Hotaru is afraid to ask which one is her mother...

"Hotaru-chan in Danger." Hotaru is being attacked by a dog, so Sailor Uranus comes and attacks it with World Shaking. She tells Hotaru that she didn't want her to see her like this, but Hotaru replies that the sailor uniform was originally [something I can't read], so it's fine that warriors wear it. She thinks it looks really cool.

"Hotaru-chan's Diary." Hotaru writes that she saw Haruka's true form that day, and it came as a bit of a shock to her that Haruka was a fag. Haruka, reading over her shoulder, cries, "Who's a fag!!?" Hotaru writes that Haruka must be a dyke then, or a Miss Dandy, as they're called these days. She also writes that she thinks discrimination is wrong, so she's not going to change her attitude towards Haruka. Haruka is surprised (and a little unhappy?) that Hotaru understands things so well. Hotaru asks her to not look at her diary without permission.

"A Suspicious Family." Setsuna tells Hotaru that she was worried she'd end up making a misstep on the path of life because she was raised by two such suspicious people. She then calls her "My Small Lady" (isn't that what she usually calls Chibiusa? Am I missing something here? ^^;). Hotaru says that it might be strange because they're both women, but she feels like their meeting was fated. Haruka and Michiru laugh at them, saying that the two of them are pretty suspicious themselves. And they accuse Setsuna of having a Lolita complex. ^^;

On the left side of the page, Michiru tells Haruka that she looks good in a gakuran (boy's uniform). Haruka asks her to call it a "schoolboy jacket" instead.

The text beneath says that as she was drawing the 4-panel comics, Yamada heard that the four Outer Senshi were living a happy family life in the Sailor Moon manga, too. She also says that she doesn't accept that Haruka didn't participate in the 2000GT.

"Mercury ni Onegai!" ("Ask Mercury!")
Haruka offers to take Ami to the sports center, but Ami says no. Haruka says, "Do as you please," but she's secretly outraged.

Ami is the first one who's turned down Haruka's offer to take someone somewhere. She comes up with a plan--she's going to pretend her bike has fallen over and she's injured.

Ami was concentrating and didn't notice what was going on. Haruka screwed up, and got hurt for real. She misuses some sort of Japanese proverb, and Ami corrects her in a comedic moment. Then Ami says she's aiming to be a doctor someday, and she (I think) lists Haruka's injuries. Haruka laments that this happened to her because she was charmed by a cute girl.

The next part of the story has a different name--"Neptune ni Onegai! R" ("Ask Neptune! R"). Haruka has been brought to the hospital. Michiru offers to donate blood to her, making a moving speech about how she doesn't care what happens to her as long as Haruka will be saved. The problem is, Michiru has a different blood type than Haruka! But Michiru tells her to keep quiet about it so the doctors don't find out, and is happy that her blood will be going into Haruka's body. Haruka screams. ^^;

The next part is "Mercury ni Onegai! R" ("Ask Mercury! R"). Haruka realizes she'll have to resort to drastic measures, since normal methods haven't worked on Ami. In the last panel of the page, she tells her, "It's your fault for being too cute."

Michiru bursts in, saying "Stop right there!" She tells Haruka that she's the one who's out of line, because she used that line on Michiru on December 24th the year before. Haruka asks if Michiru is keeping track of all the lines she's used on her, and Michiru says, "Of course." ROFL.

She's been making records about Haruka since before they met (the two books in her arms are "before" and "after"; the "after" book is called "Love Diary" and I think the "before" book is called "Observation Diary" or something similar). She says the 110th entry ended up being 80 pages, and she drew pictures for it, too! She doesn't want Haruka using lines she's used on Michiru on other girls. Haruka tries another line on Ami, "Your eyes are like blue gems [sapphires?]." She used that one on March 6th of that year. Ami says she has to get going, but Haruka asks her to stay for five more minutes. She tries another line, "I wish that I could stop time so I could gaze at you forever like this." That was February 14th of the year before. The stuff in the boxes is funny, too: "Tenoh Haruka's lonely battle continues!! Go for it, Uranus! 'I definitely won't give up!' (quote from Haruka)."

Next is a reprint of "Call My Name."
Haruka brings Michiru another blanket. Michiru, who is sick, apologizes. Haruka takes a look at the thermometer and sees that Michiru's temperature is 39.4. She wonders why Michiru gets colds at the beginning and end of the year. Michiru says it's Haruka's fault, for being 40 minutes late to meet her, but Haruka says it's Michiru's own fault for standing out in the snow, she should have gone inside a/the store/restaurant or something!

Michiru says that the snow was pretty. Haruka asks Michiru if there's anything she wants to eat, and offers to make rice porridge for Michiru (though she's never made it before). Michiru is happy that she offered, but she's not hungry. Haruka insists, saying it would be good for Michiru to eat something and get some energy. Michiru says she'll have something cold, that she feels like she could eat a "Angel's Bavarian Cream" from the store Mrs. Heart. Haruka is a little floored that Michiru is asking her to go out in the snow to go buy it for her. Ah, the things we do for love... ;)

Haruka, having returned with the dessert, asks how Michiru is doing, but Michiru is asleep. She muses that Michiru's condition isn't very good. Her temperature is [3]9.7. She thinks to herself that she might end up having to call an ambulance.

Michiru is calling out for Uranus in her sleep/fever. Haruka: "I'm here." Michiru: "Uranus........!" Haruka: "...Neptune."

Michiru asks Haruka to kiss her. Haruka: "Hey, Michiru, you're really awake!?" Haruka kisses Michiru's tear away. Then she kisses her on the lips.

Michiru says that the porridge (or soup? hard to tell, they never actually say, but I'm guessing it's the rice porridge Haruka mentioned earlier, as iirc that's a typical dish for sick people in Japan) was good, Haruka says that it was instant, the kind that you just add milk to, and Michiru replies that she knows; she adds that there's no way Haruka could make something that involved work/skill. Haruka gives Michiru some medicine to take, and asked if her fever has gone down. Michiru says "Eek...!" as Haruka brings their faces close together, which leaves Haruka speechless. Michiru says that Haruka just surprised her. Haruka says she doesn't care anyway. Haruka then asks Michiru which one she loves, Haruka or Uranus. Michiru replies, "Aren't they both you?" Then Michiru brings up a dream she just had about their past lives, since Haruka mentioned Uranus.

She says she's had this dream before, it's one she has every so often. But the one she just had was different than usual, maybe because of her fever. Haruka asks how it was different. She said that it was different because Uranus was kind to her. That she was kind, like Haruka.

So of course Haruka boasts that there aren't many people who are kind to girls the way she is. Then Haruka gets serious, and asks if the past Uranus really wasn't a kind person. She explains that she doesn't know because she rarely has dreams about her past life. Michiru says it's good that she doesn't have them. In the last panel of the story, Michiru has gotten better but now Haruka has a fever. ^^

A one-page ad for two other Studio Canopus doujinshi. The titles are "tou no naka no himegimi, Part A" ("The Princess in the Tower, Part A") (I've seen a "tou no naka no himegimi" on eBay and at jpqueen before, but I don't know if it was part A or B or what) and "tengoku no uta" (which I've never seen anywhere :/). The latter says it contains adult content and is a "honeymoon book" about them.