Title: Sweet & Bitter
Mangaka: Saki Kaori
ISBN: 4773005521

I think most yuri fans know of Saki Kaori because of her manga Haru yo, Koi, which is being scanlated by Chaotixubs.

This manga is now being scanlated by Hentai-Enishi.

Front cover:

The long yuri story from this volume is "Joukyuusei" ("Upperclassman"). It's so-so, but with some funny bits. I would have preferred less sex and more dialogue/plot/whatever, but H-manga will be H-manga. *sigh*

Chapter 1

Akimi [note: name could also be read Akio] has gotten yet another love letter. She's not too happy about it. She goes to see the first-year girl who sent it, Misa [note: name could also be read Misha], who asks if she read the letter. Akimi tells her that she did, and thanks her for the letter.

The other girl beams at her, blushing, and Akimi thinks to herself that she's really cute.

Akimi tells Misa that she's flattered but just wants them to be friends, to interact as good upperclassmen and underclassmen should. Misa replies that Akimi might just see Misa as someone who's following a fad, because of Akimi's popularity, but she's serious about her feelings for Akimi. Akimi thinks to herself that it's even worse if Misa's feelings are serious.

Akimi tells her that it's just a phase--right now she's at a girls' school, so it can't really be helped, but once she graduates she'll be normal and fall for guys instead.

Misa asks Akimi if she's seeing anyone at the moment, and Akimi says no. So Misa asks Akimi to go out with her and Akimi says no, repeating that she's normal (straight).

Misa replies that there's a girl in Class B who's been bragging that Akimi kissed her. Akimi protests that she only did that because the girl said she'd give up on Akimi if Akimi kissed her. Apparently the girl was really, really persistant. She goes on to say that it was just on the forehead anyway.

Misa says, "Then give me a kiss, too. On the lips!"

Akimi wonders to herself why this sort of thing is always happening to her. (Poor girl... not!)

Misa embraces Akimi. Akimi thinks to herself that Misa is soft. She thinks to herself that maybe just once would be okay...

Misa pushes Akimi down onto the desk. She reiterates that she's serious about Akimi, and that she even wrote that in her letter. Akimi seems pretty shocked by the turn of events, and doesn't seem to quite know what to say--she stutters and kind of protests a bit.

Misa continues the thought, that she wants Akimi to be her girlfriend, and wrote that in the letter. She continues her seduction. Akimi wonders to herself why she can't push Misa aside. When Misa puts her hand down Akimi's panties, Akimi is surprised and asks what she's doing, but Misa just kisses her and keeps going. She asks Akimi if it feels good (ah, stock dialogue!). She confesses that she's admired Akimi for a long time. She says that Akimi is tall, and slender, and a bit boyish, but that it's good that she's a girl because Misa likes girls.

Akimi tells her to stop, that she can't take any more, that someone's coming. There's the sound of footsteps approaching. Misa shushes Akimi, and they stay where they are, hearts racing, until the person passes by the room. Then Misa returns to what she was doing.

Akimi asks Misa why she's doing this. She says Misa is the first girl who's done this to her. Misa says she's always wanted to become a guy, because she likes girls and she'd be able to date them, marry them, etc. without anyone saying anything about it. She hates men because her situation is so frustrating.

Misa asks Akimi to touch her, too. Akimi gulps, and does it, her heart pounding.

You don't really need me to describe the rest, do you? lol

Misa tells Akimi that they're girlfriends/lovers now. Akimi is shocked/upset, but Misa is really happy about it.

Misa then tells Akimi that she has a lot of sex toys. Akimi can't believe it. Misa asks Akimi to give her her maidenhood sometime (i.e., allow Misa to break her hymen). Akimi is most definitely not pleased.

Chapter 2

Misa comes to Akimi's classroom again (apparently she's come there several times before?), and Akimi's friends tease about her hot romance. lol

Misa baked cookies for the two of them. Akimi says they're good, and Misa is happy.

Akimi asks if they can stop seeing each other at school, because she gets teased by her friends about it, and because it's embarrassing. Misa says she's not embarrassed, but thinks she's a nuisance to Akimi now.

Then Misa asks the dreaded question ("Do you _like_/love me?"). When Akimi asks why she's asking, Misa says that they don't see each other very often, and Akimi never calls her, never hangs out with her, etc. And they haven't slept together since that first time in the classroom. Then she asks Akimi to kiss her. Akimi says she saw _that_ one coming. lol

Then of course, Misa gets all teary and asks Akimi if she dislikes her. Akimi says that it's not that she dislikes her, but...

Touching Akimi's face, Misa says "Please," and they kiss. Misa asks Akimi to touch her more. Things escalate from there.

The bell rings, but they don't want to stop.

Akimi brings Misa to orgasm. Misa wants to return the favor, but Akimi says there isn't time. Misa does it anyway.

Just then, a couple girls come out onto the roof, saying they're going to have a snack. Misa and Akimi (silently) continue while the girls are there eating.

Akimi makes some sort of noise, and one of the girls hears it. But then the bell rings again, and they rush off to class. Misa and Akimi keep on with it, and end up missing fifth period.

On their way back down, Misa suggets they do it on the roof again. Akimi calls her an idiot. Then Misa realizes she forgot something on the roof... her underwear.

Chapter 3

Trip to the sex toy store, whee! :D Which is apparently Misa's home O_o... it's her birthday and she's invited Akimi over.

Akimi is naturally surprised, but Misa waves to her from up above and invites her in.

When Akimi comes in, Misa's father, the store owner, comments on how rare it is to see a girl in there alone. He asks if she's buying something for use with her boyfriend, or alone, and suggests a popular model. Just as Akimi's trying to explain that she's not a customer, Misa appears and scolds her father for trying to sell stuff to Akimi.

Misa apologizes to Akimi for surprising her with the nature of her house. She says that her friends don't really come over to visit.

Akimi gives Misa earrings for her birthday.

Akimi then tells Misa that she was surprised to see the sex toy before, because it was the first time she'd seen one. Misa whips hers out. lol

She says her father gave it to her, and Akimi privately wonders at the weirdness of their father-daughter relationship. lol

She then asks Akimi if she wants to try using it.

Akimi declines, saying she thinks it'll hurt. Misa says she just wants her to try it. She tells Akimi the store's products are popular.

It's their first time having sex in a bed. Misa uses the vibe on Akimi a bit and Akimi really likes it, but she's still afraid of putting it inside her, so Misa suggests that Akimi use it on her instead. After seeing how much Misa likes it, Akimi decides to try it, and Misa pulls out a double-headed one instead.

After the sex, Misa says that she got a really great present--Akimi's virginity.

Misa asks Akimi to come over again sometime. As Akimi walks away from the store, some neighborhood women notice and start snickering and talking about her, saying how nice it is to be young and how young kids these days are so advanced. Poor Akimi... ^^

Chapter 4

It's the day before graduation. Misa goes over to Akimi's place; Akimi is preparing to move. Misa says she'll be lonely after Akimi graduates. Akimi points out that the place she's moving to is only an hour away, and Misa is welcome to come visit anytime. Misa kisses her, suddenly, and they sleep together.

After leaving Akimi's building, Misa thinks to herself that even though Akimi said she could come visit anytime, her feelings might change once they're separated. It's Graduation day, and the ceremony is about to start. Misa has called Akimi out to meet her in the PE equipment room. Misa tells Akimi that once Akimi goes to college, she'll be busy with things, and might get a boyfriend and forget about Misa. Akimi tries to tell her that won't happen, but Misa tells her that the last girl she was with said the same thing.

Misa puts handcuffs on Akimi, and ties them to some bars. She tells Akimi that she dated a girl before, and that girl got a boyfriend when she went to college and dumped Misa. Misa says that she'll make sure Akimi won't forget her. Akimi tells her that she doesn't need to do this, and that the ceremony is about to start, but Misa continues anyway.

Meanwhile, Akimi's name is called in the ceremony, but she's not there to get her diploma.

Misa and Akimi continue to have sex as the graduation ceremony progresses. Misa tells Akimi she loves her.

After the ceremony, Akimi's friends ask her where she was, and she says she didn't feel well.

Misa apologizes to Akimi for what she just did. Akimi gives her a key to her apartment. She tells her that she has no intention of breaking up with her, and that she'd been thinking about having Misa come to live with her after Misa graduates.