Front cover of the book containing parts 1 and 2:

Title page:

A flier for a UranusxNeptune event. Uranus bursts in and says they're not allowed to put out a book with a different pairing since it's a "Uranus & Neptune only" event.

Another flier. A scene from later in this part is twisted to be about Elza looking for the ElzaxMichiru book instead of looking for Michiru.

The story skips ahead to Elza's race with Haruka.
The crowd is looking at Haruka. Someone exclaims that she's handsome. Elza comments to Michiru that Haruka doesn't really look like a girl, but she does have breasts. Michiru is thinking about backing out,

but Elza says she's come too far to back out now.
Michiru is going to watch from the stands and then come down after the 100-meter dash. Elza spots her in the stands.

Title page for this part:

A girl teases Elza about having gotten her butt kicked in the race. Naturally, Elza is in a crappy mood today, but it's not just losing that pissed her off...
It was the fact that Haruka turned Michiru down.

Elza is totally shocked at this, and wonders who the hell Haruka thinks she is.
Then on the way home that day, Michiru started crying.

This upset Elza because it meant that Michiru liked Haruka enough to cry over her.
Elza doesn't get what Michiru sees in Haruka. It's unforgivable... though of course, it was Elza who introduced them in the first place. Elza can't just oppose them without a plan, because obstacles only make love stronger.
The other girls, of course, are completely baffled by Elza's mumbling, but they decide to overlook it since she's a foreigner.

The girls are talking about their plans for summer vacation. At their age, going on a family vacation is embarrassing; they'd rather stay home, but with their parents' credit card, of course!
Elza plans to go visit her parents and train with the coach she has there. She'll go to Seychelles, too, and enjoy the ocean.

Elza sees Michiru again after summer break.

Michiru thanks Elza for the postcard she sent.
Elza thinks to herself that Michiru is now even prettier than before.
Some of Michiru's fans approach Elza.

Elza thinks they're just looking for Michiru (whom they cutely refer to as "Michiru Onee-sama"), but it turns out they want to ask Elza herself about something: whether it's true that Michiru is going out with Tenoh Haruka of N Junior High. Some people saw Michiru and Haruka together in Yokohama (with various rumors having them being seen in various Yokohama hotels, all of which are prime spots for a date).

Apparently the pair looked like lovers, and had quite a mood going between them.
Elza asks if they've tried asking Michiru herself, and they're horrified by the suggestion. They seem convinced that Elza knows the truth, and insist that she tell them. She assures them that she doesn't know, explaining that she wasn't even in Japan during summer break. She adds that since they don't know if the rumor's true, they shouldn't spread it around too much.

"......Oh. So it went well for them. Oh..."

Elza is continuing her training; she might go to a high school with a strong track team (a place where she can make track her focus), but she's not sure. She does want to do it seriously, though. Michiru asks if she's going to aim for the Olympics, but Elza doesn't think she should aim that high. Michiru insists that Elza could do it,

that she could win a medal in the Olympics. Elza says that when an amazing person like Michiru says that Elza can do it, Elza feels like she really might be able to. Michiru says that she's jealous of people like Elza and Tenoh Haruka. Elza is surprised.
Elza notes that Michiru is looking pale, and asks if she's all right. Michiru says that she's just been busy lately, and the summer heat is wearing her out a bit. The two say goodbye, and as Elza is marveling at the fact that Michiru could be jealous of someone else, Michiru collapses.

Cut to a scene of Michiru and Elza in the infirmary, where they're waiting for the school nurse.
Michiru apologizes, saying it's just a touch of anemia. Elza replies that she doesn't know what's keeping Michiru so busy, but that Michiru should have a doctor look her over. She points out that Michiru's body is important since she's a violinist, or rather, a painter.
Michiru hears the ocean stirring. DUM DUM DUUUM! (That was some ominous music to set the atmosphere for you guys.)

Michiru says she needs to go (presumably to fight whatever monster has popped up). Elza misunderstands, thinking Michiru is agreeing with her about needing to see a doctor. Then Michiru runs off without even taking her bag, leaving Elza confused.

Elza is talking to Michiru's teacher, who says Michiru is out sick, apparently with a cold.

Elza offers to take Michiru her schoolwork for the day she missed (also the bag that she left at school).
Elza's amazed by Michiru's apartment complex, and the fact that Michiru lives alone there. Michiru also happens to live on the top floor. Whoo!
Someone else (we find out who in a minute) answers Michiru's intercom, and Elza stutters out her name and why she's there. The person tells her to come on up, and she goes up to find the door answered by none other than...

Naturally, Elza is shocked to see Haruka there, but Haruka just coolly asks her for the bag and schoolwork, taking the items and shutting the door in Elza's face with a brief "Thanks." Elza tries to keep the door from shutting, crying, "Hey, wait just one minute!"
And that's the end of part 2.

Elza asks, "Is this really the end of part 2? Are we seriously cutting it off here?"
Haruka replies, "Yeah, I'm with you there. The best is yet to come!"
The caption at the bottom of the image says that the two of them will be stuck in this position until part 3 begins. lol
Then down below, we find that they've been stuck like that for 4 years (since 4 years passed before part 3 came out), and that people made comments about it when part 3 came out. lol

Studio Canopus Times.
Just some more humor about how much time passed between part 2 and part 3.
This page was drawn for a November 2000 Sailor Moon doujinshi event, but Yamada forgot to take it with her to the event. lol

Afterword and commentary.
I'm not summarizing it for you guys, but I figured I'd post it in case other people wanted to read it. :)

(Intimisme = intimism, intimiste = intimist, intimité = intimacy, closeness.)

An image of a flier about the doujinshi, from December 1997.

A salutational fax depicting Michiru and Elza.

Some stuff about Elza. Yamada says that Elza's mother is half Brazilian, but this might just be Yamada's concept of Elza and not official information.

Back cover of this volume: