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Elza thinks to herself that Haruka's as attractive as ever. She asks Haruka where Michiru is, and Haruka replies that she's in bed. She then asks Elza to leave after she's had her drink, which pisses Elza off. Elza thanks her for the drink, but decides she's going to deliberately drink it slowly.

Elza asks Haruka how she got hurt, and Haruka tells her that she had a fall while she was out on her motorcycle. Elza then exclaims about how dangerous that is, and about how damaging it could be for Haruka to injure her legs.

Haruka replies that she doesn't do track anymore. Elza wants to know why. Why would Haruka waste her talent like that? Haruka just replies that it's none of Elza's business.

Elza counters that it is her business, and suggests that Haruka just wants to quit while she's ahead. Haruka just says that neither she nor Michiru has time for Elza.
Elza asks where Michiru is again.

Haruka tells her once more that Michiru is asleep, but Elza insists on seeing her. She isn't going to wake her up, she just wants to see her face. Haruka continues to deny her, yelling "No!" Now Elza's miffed that Haruka's yelling at her.

She starts asking Haruka who she thinks she is, what she is to Michiru, why she's acting like this when she isn't even Michiru's girlfriend or anything. Haruka cuts her off, asking if her behavior would be acceptable if she were Michiru's girlfriend. That certainly shuts Elza up. Haruka continues on, saying they're actually closer than that, in a sense. Elza's shocked. Haruka suggests that Elza ask Michiru about it next time she sees her at school, and asks Elza to leave the apartment.

Haruka tells Michiru that Elza came to return Michiru's bag, and that she's gone now.

Haruka says that Michiru needs to get lots of rest so her injuries can heal. She tells Michiru that everything's going to be all right.
Elza spots Michiru at school.

It's been a week since she's seen her. She asks if Michiru's all better now. Michiru thanks her for bringing her things by. Elza says that she was surprised to see Tenoh Haruka there.
In the narration, Elza notes that Michiru doesn't say anything about Haruka, and Elza doesn't ask.

A girl asks Elza if it's true that Michiru's going to go to a different high school when she graduates from junior high. Elza hasn't heard anything about it, even though she's close to Michiru. What will happen to their school if Michiru leaves? The underclassmen, especially Michiru's fan club, are panicking.
Elza's planning to go to a different high school as well.
Elza thinks to herself that Michiru must be planning to go to the same high school as Tenoh Haruka.

Elza tells Michiru that she got into the school she wanted, and as a scholarship student, too. She asks if Michiru is going to a different high school, too. Michiru says that she liked this school uniform, but...

Michiru asks Elza if she can see her for a moment after their graduation ceremony. Elza agrees, and asks what for, but Michiru says it's a secret.

It's graduation. Most of the students are going on to the associated high school, but there are a few leaving, like Michiru.

Elza's late to her meeting with Michiru because some younger students were bugging her to give them her scarf and stuff to remember her by (she jokingly describes it as "highway robbery," lol). They even talked her into giving them her school uniform. Michiru notes that it happened because Elza's popular, and Elza counters that Michiru's much more popular than she is--she just spotted some younger students writing on Michiru's desk, for example.
Michiru notes that today will be the last day she'll wear this school uniform.

Now Elza kind of regrets giving hers away, though she didn't have much choice in the matter.
Elza thinks to herself that this is the last time she'll see Michiru wear this uniform--in four months, Michiru will be wearing a new one.
It suddenly occurs to Elza to ask if Michiru is missing anything. Michiru replies that a painting of hers is missing.

Elza's shocked that someone would steal a painting of Michiru's; Michiru interrupts her to say that the painting was of Elza. It was a small painting, and she'd planned to give it to Elza to remember her by, since she knew they'd probably never see each other again. Elza protests that they might see each other again sometime, but Michiru says they won't.

Elza asks if she's allowed to ask why, and Michiru requests that she not ask--she likes Elza, so she doesn't want to have to lie to her.

Elza drops the subject, and suggests that Michiru give her something else in place of the missing painting. Michiru agrees, and asks what she could give Elza. Elza says anything's fine, but vetos the idea of Michiru giving her the watch she's wearing (since it's expensive). Michiru says that the only other things she has with her are things like handkerchiefs and writing implements.

Elza: "Anything's fine?"
Michiru: "Yes."
Elza: "Anything."
Elza: "Y-......"
Elza: "You really mean......"
Elza: "anything......?"
(I think we all know where this is leading. Whoo!)

Michiru: "...Yes."

Michiru looks out the window and sees that Haruka is at the gate even though she asked her not to come.
Elza comments that Haruka's like a prince or a knight come to rescue the princess. Michiru says that Haruka is a knight--a golden knight from a silver kingdom (Silver Millennium, anyone?). Elza asks if Michiru is going.

Michiru asks Elza not to laugh at her, then confesses that she thought Haruka was a guy the first time she met her, and that she fell for Haruka at first sight. Then, over time, her feelings deepened and changed into something else.

Michiru says she has to go, but as she's about to leave, Elza stops her and tells her, "Take care. I'm sure you'll end up becoming the thing you most want to become. Good luck."

In her mind, Elza bids farewell to the princess in the tower, and thinks to herself that she knew from the beginning, without having to be told...

Because of the look on Michiru's face.

Haruka comments on Michiru's popularity, and Michiru scolds her for coming. Haruka points out that this is the last time she'll see Michiru in that school uniform.

Haruka asks Michiru what happened to her scarf, and Michiru replies that a cowardly highway robber took it from her. Haruka doesn't get it, of course.
(It wasn't a kiss Elza took after all. Darn.)
And that's the end!

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