Chapter 1

The story starts out with Asou Chitose on her knees in front of her semapi (upperclassman) Kaguya, eating her out. Kaguya tells Asou that since Asou has become a second-year student that day, Kaguya's guidance of her is now at an end. According to the rules of the Rosehip club, Asou will now herself become a mentor to an underclassman. A girl-- who we will later find out is Asou's new partner-- is listening outside the door.

Later, Asou thanks Kaguya for her guidance. Kaguya points out that Asou's ribbon is inside out, and then tells her that her new partner (the first-year student she'll be mentoring) has been decided.

In the narration, Asou explains that the club activities at this academy are a little strange. Clubs in which the members get superior grades are given "herb titles" (which is given the katakana reading of "kuroita puredikaatsu"-- "kruid predikaat" in Dutch or "Krautprädikat" in German (thanks, robotazalea of daily_yuri, for identifying that!)-- which is also the name of the first chapter of the story): Roman chamomile, rosemary, etc. The club Asou belongs to, the Rosehip club (the rhythmic gymnastics club), has another strange aspect to it...
Asou's papers scatter in the wind, and a girl (the same one who was listening at the door before) catches them and hands them to her.
As Asou is admiring the girl, the girl notices that her name-- Kuon Yuki-- is on one of the papers. It turns out she's Asou's new partner.

Asou remembers back when she first became Kaguya's partner-- Kaguya tells her that superior-subordinate relationships are very important in the Rosehip club, particularly the relationship between a second-year and the first-year she's mentoring. The first-year is asked to offer up both her mind and body to her mentor.
Back in the present, Asou explains to Kuon that the relationship between two partners is one of absolute trust.

Kuon comments on the strangeness of the Rosehip club, and Asou agrees with her. Then Asou tells Kuon that for the next year, Kuon will be her attendant (later given the English reading "escort").
"...Escort?" Kuon asks, sweeping Asou up into her arms.
Bending to kiss Asou's hand, Kuon comments that though "escort" doesn't sound bad, she was kind of hoping for a different sort of relationship.
Her heart racing, Asou has to remind herself that she's the one in charge here, being the second-year. Asou slaps Kuon's hand away and tells her she should use keigo (polite language) when addressing a sempai.
Kuon declines, telling Asou: "Don't worry, my fairy. I don't mind that you're older."

Asou is a little pissed off at Kuon's cheekiness, and thinks to herself that she wants Kuon to be concerned with the fact that she's older!
Yukari, a friend of Asou's, asks her why she's looking so out of it. She guesses that it's because Asou is nervous because she's going to be taking an underclassman on today (usually the kanji for underclassman in this manga is given the English reading "partner," but here it's given the reading "escort"). Yukari thinks the Rosehip's club system is great, and wishes the Newspaper Club (called the Strawberry Leaf Club) had that sort of system too.
Asou remarks that she has worse things to worry about than nerves-- she's already been looked down upon by her new mentee.
Asou tells Yukari that she'd always dreamed of instructing and doting on a cute little underclassman. Yukari snidely remarks that there aren't many girls smaller than Asou. Yukari tries to cheer Asou up, telling her that taking on this underclassman will be worth it because Asou can teach her some manners. She tells Asou to do her best.

Later, Asou tells Kuon that she wants her to come to the club room after school for some personal guidance. Kuon accepts, telling her that she could never decline an invitation from Asou.
Asou tells Kuon that it isn't a date. Kuon says that she never said it was, and asks Asou why she's using that expression. Asou blushes.

Later, in the club room, Asou takes her shirt off and, throwing a leotard at Kuon, tells her to put it on her. This was Kaguya's first order to Asou as well. Kuon comments that she can't tell whether Asou is aware of her (Kuon's) feelings or not. She calls Asou a "bold princess," but agrees to put the leotard on her.

As she puts the leotard on Asou, Kuon kisses and licks Asou's legs and gropes her.
Kuon notices Asou is wet, and wonders if that means that her existence is close to Asou's heart.
Asou tells her to stop, and hits her. She's crying.
Kuon apologizes, asking if she went a bit too far.
Asou tells Kuon that kisses are meant to be an important ritual action imparted to the underclassman by the upperclassman.
Kuon asks if Asou is crying because the kisses she gave her went against the way the ritual was supposed to go, and Asou says no.
Kuon says she thinks that kisses are meant to be a prelude to the melody of love. She french-kisses Asou.
Kuon tells Asou that she first heard Asou's "beautiful bird's song" outside the club room on the day of the entrance ceremony and it took control of her heart; she wondered if it was fate. She tells her that ever since she saw her jewel-like eyes (given the Engrish reading of "jewely eyes"-- lol), she's been held captive by Asou's femininity.

Kuon makes love to Asou.
Afterwards, she comments that the Rosehip system might be pretty nice after all, if it means she'll be bound to Asou for a year. She calls Asou "my fairy" again, then changes her mind and calls her "my Chitose."
Asou reminds Kuon that she should use polite language to address upperclassmen. Kuon asks if that applies to lovers.