Chapter 2

Kuon is waiting for Asou. She calls her "my fairy," then corrects herself and calls her "my Chitose," and asks if it's time for them to perform the ceremony of love known as "guidance." Asou tells her, yet again, to use polite language when addressing a sempai. Kuon accuses her of being mean, and tells her she's going to cover up those mischievous cherry lips. She kisses and gropes her.
Asou thinks to herself that she needs to give Kuon proper guidance, and that she's not being given the proper respect.
Meanwhile, another girl sees them and thinks to herself that Asou and Kuon are going to be a problem.
Splash page for chapter 2 ("L'amour, C'est Tout" = "Love is Everything"):

Fast-forward to a meeting of the rhythmic gymnastics club, where Kuon is showing off her skills. Asou is amazed at how good she is, considering this is Kuon's first time doing rhythmic gymnastics. She tells Kuon that she might even have a shot at going to national competitions. Kuon says that she supposes she's good at sports.
Asou thinks to herself how amazing Kuon is-- she's tall, and has a good style, and her technique is even better than Asou's. It makes Asou feel less confident in herself.
Kuon asks Asou what's wrong-- has Asou fallen in love with her all over again? She kisses Asou, who protests that everyone's watching. Kuon says that shouldn't matter, since it's a natural thing, her being Asou's escort and all.

The girl who commented before that they'd be trouble turns out to be a third-year in the Rosehip Club, Shindou Kaguya. She compliments Kuon and then suggests that Asou might be a bit of a burden to her. Kuon asks who she is, and Shindou introduces herself, adding that Kuon had already been introduced to her at a meeting. Shindou tells Kuon that the escort system exists to train and discipline girls like her (Kuon). Girls in the Rosehip Club need to know their place, etc. Kuon thinks she's talking shit, and calls the club's system pathetic... which immediately earns her a scolding from Asou. Naturally, Asou then apologizes to Shindou for not having trained Kuon well enough. Asou then asks Kuon to come with her (so she can rip her a new one in private, no doubt), and Kuon replies that she'd been wanting to be alone with Asou anyway. ^^

Asou starts to scold Kuon again, telling her that she shouldn't talk back to sempai, but Kuon's more interested in gettin' it on.
As they're having sex, Kuon asks Asou if Asou was Shindou's escort the previous year, and Asou says yes. Kuon is ticked that Asou used to sleep with Shindou, and says she can't forgive it. Asou protests, and Kuon relents, saying she was just joking. After all, it's the club's custom to do things that way. Kuon says she doesn't want to cause Asou any problems, and that she'll obey her. Asou thinks to herself that what Kuon is really obeying is Asou's body, and that she isn't really training Kuon at all.
Afterwards, Kuon tells Asou she loves her. Letting Kuon hold her, Asou just replies, "...Yeah."

Shindou asks Asou to stay after practice. She tells her they need to have a private meeting, then corrects herself and calls it "guidance" (*cough*sex*cough*). Kuon does not look pleased, but Asou tells her to leave without her, and she complies.
During the "guidance," Asou thinks to herself that her sempai's guidance should be an honor for her, but her heart is restless. She doesn't understand why.

Shindou lectures Asou about this and that, and Asou replies that she knows she's lacking. Shindou says that they have no choice but to switch Kuon with someone else's escort if Asou can't handle her. Asou tells Shindou she'll try harder.

Shindou asks if Asou is objecting to her (Shindou's) decision, then says that she needs to give Asou more guidance. As she does this, she notes that Asou is being too loud-- they're supposed to keep quiet in the guidance room-- and that she hasn't guided Asou in "that area" (vaginal penetration) yet. Asou, crying and shuddering, tells her to stop, since she's never done that before. Shindou replies that Asou needs to entrust herself to Shindou body and soul, and that Shindou won't hurt her since she's just using two fingers.
In her mind, Asou calls out to Kuon... who then walks in the door.

Kuon apologizes for not having come sooner, and then comments that Shindou's behavior isn't very gentlemanly. Shindou replies that she was giving Asou guidance, not just playing around like Asou and Kuon do. Kuon says that Shindou tried to snatch something irreplacable away from her in the ritual of a system in which there is no love, and that she has no intention of obeying such pathetic morals. "L'amour, c'est tout!" ("Love is everything!") she proclaims, and asserts that no one has the right to draw a boundary between two people who love each other.