Extra Story

Title page for the extra story ("Strawberry Leaf Melancholy").

Asou's friend Yukari is surprised that Asou ended up dating Kuon. Asou asks her not to say it so loudly.
Asou tries to explain that it's kind of because of her club's system, to which Yukari says that Asou's club just gets it on under the pretext of "guiding" underclassmen. Asou doesn't think that's really a fair way of describing it. She adds that the sex with Kuon has been pretty one-sided so far-- Asou isn't engaging in sex so much as being the recipient of it.
This makes Yukari even more convinced that what they're doing has nothing to do with guidance.

Yukari is annoyed that Asou can't seem to tell the difference between her (Asou's) club and her private life. She wants to cheer Asou on in her club activities, but Asou's private life is a different story. Yukari thinks Kuon sounds like a shady character, too. She doesn't think someone who just appeared in Asou's life could understand Asou already. She's sure Asou is being deceived, and that if Kuon truly loved Asou, she wouldn't be able to tell her she loved her so easily.
Yukari goes to see Kuon. Kuon doesn't know who she is, so Yukari introduces herself and explains that she's Asou's friend. Yukari notices that Kuon immediately brightens at the mention of Asou. Yukari tells Kuon she wants to talk to her about Asou, and Kuon accepts. They go to Kuon's apartment.

Yukari thinks to herself that she doesn't know why she's using polite language to address Kuon, since Kuon is in a lower grade than she is. lol
Observing Kuon, Yukari thinks to herself that Kuon has beautiful features and is used to dealing with women. Hmm.
Kuon asks Yukari what sort of investigation she was doing on her. Yukari is surprised she noticed. We see a flashback of Yukari stalking Kuon from morning to night. Yukari thinks to herself that maybe she's not cut out to be in the Newspaper Club after all.

Yukari notes that Kuon was willing to invite a girl who'd been stalking her into her apartment simply because that girl was a friend of Asou's. She notes that that must mean they trust each other. Then she kisses Kuon, snaps pictures of it, and asks Kuon what she thinks Asou would think if she saw the pictures. Kuon asks Yukari what she's after.
Yukari asks Kuon to sleep with her, and threatens to show the photos to Asou if Kuon doesn't comply. Yukari thinks to herself that whichever Kuon chooses, she'll be betraying Asou. Yukari doesn't think Kuon is the right sort of person for Asou.
Kuon agrees, but tells Yukari that sleeping with anyone other than Asou is just "work" for her.

Yukari sees that Kuon's eyes are cold and her (Kuon's) lips are dry. She tells Kuon to stop, and shoves her off her. She apologizes to Kuon, and tells her she was just testing her. Yukari confesses that she was planning to try and break Kuon and Asou up if Kuon turned out to be a bad person... and that though she pretended that Asou's happiness was her only concern, deep down, she was hoping Kuon would be a bad person. Yukari acknowledges that this was stupid of her, and that something like this isn't going to help her win Asou for herself.
Kuon kisses Yukari and pronounces them even. She notes that they're partners in crime now, and adds that it looks like she's actually an even worse person than Yukari expected.

Some time later, Yukari sees Asou and Kuon together. They exchange morning greetings.
Yukari thinks to herself that she's an idiot-- she's always falling in love with people she doesn't have a chance with. But she will definitely find happiness someday, because the loss of this one small love has planted the seed of courage in her heart.