Title: The Wolf-Girl and the Seven Kids (printed in Yuri Shimai 3)
Text: Ruri Hozuki, Illustrations: Sakura Shio
ISBN: 4896445457 (Yuri Shimai 3)

This is one of the yurified fairy tales ("Yurimm Fairy Tales") from Yuri Shimai/Hime magazine. I've translated it in full rather than writing up notes on it.
For scanlations of manga (and other Yurimm Fairy Tales) from Yuri Shimai/Hime, see Lililicious. Lililicious is also planning to scanlate this story.

They were really yuri?! Yurimm Fairy Tales for maidens.

The Wolf-Girl and the Seven Kids

The Editing Department has done some research and determined that those scary Grimm Fairy Tales are really girl-girl love stories?!
Yurimm Fairy Tales tells the real stories behind the fairy tales we all treasure. The second installment of this hugely popular series is the story of seven kids who fall into the clutches of a womanizing wolf-girl. [star]

Story: Ruri Hozuki
Art: Sakura Shio

        Once upon a time, there were seven kids with fleeces as beautiful as snow. The eldest girl looked after her sisters in place of their mother, who had died giving birth to the two youngest, a pair of twins.
        Her little sisters were complete and utter tomboys who were too curious for their own good. When the eldest had to leave the house on urgent business, she was positively beside herself with worry.
        "If a stranger should come to the door, you are not to open it for them under any circumstances," she instructed them firmly, then left.
        There was a particular reason she gave them this warning: In the forest beside the village lived a wolf-girl infamous for her womanizing ways. This fickle, cool beauty stole the hearts of girl after girl and ate them for dinner, enslaving girls in the blink of an eye. And she had heard tell of the seven beautiful sisters, and was furtively searching for an opportunity to ensnare them.
        "If I got them all at once, I'd have a big harem!" Just imagining it was enough to have her drooling after them.

        The wolf-girl had devised a plan. After the eldest girl left, she knocked on the door of the kids' house.
        "I'm home, everyone! It's your big sister. Open up the door, please!"
        "You're lying! Onee-sama's[note: In this case, a very respectful term used for one's older sister.] voice is clearer, like the sound of bells tinkling."
        "And Onee-sama's hands are as white as driven snow!"
        Objections rang out from the girls.
        "Argh, what a pain!" The wolf-girl had always been a boor. Resorting to force, she broke the door down with a wooden mallet.

        A piercing shriek...... it was not; rather, a high-pitched squeal.
        "How wonderful!"
        "You're so cool!"
        The kids instantly fell prey to the wolf's cool, wild charm. Would the wolf-girl devour all their hearts?
        But no! For the two youngest, the twins, had concealed themselves within the grandfather clock.
        "Chii-nee-chan[note: A familiar term used for one's youngest older sister.], what should we do? She took everyone away."
        "It's all right. Here, just hold my hand tight. I'd never let that womanizing wolf have your heart!"
        Their tiny hands trembled in one another's grasp.
        "Chii-nee-chan...... I love you."
        Indeed, the wolf-girl stood no chance of winning either twin's heart, for they truly loved one another.

        The eldest sister got quite a shock when she returned from her errands to find the house deserted.
        "Where have you gone, everyone? Come on out!"
        She called out their names, one by one, but there was no answer. When she came to the names of the two youngest, two downy heads hesitantly peeked out, huddled together.
        "Onee-sama! That playgirl wolf from the forest took everyone away."
        The eldest sister was incandescent with rage. With nary a thought to her own safety, she stormed into the wolf-girl's house.
        "What are you doing with my sweet little sisters?! Kindly return them to me!"
        Cold eyes and beautiful white skin, just as the rumors claimed; the wolf-girl took one look at the eldest sister and her heart began to pound.
        'What the...?!'

        The wolf-girl had never felt this way before. Flustered, she hid her newfound unrest behind a cool facade.
        "I-if you agree to be with me, I'll return your sisters."
        The eldest sister stared right back at the wolf-girl, looking her in the eye. The wolf-girl's eyes, which had ensnared a multitude of girls, were suddenly cast down in shame. And in that instant, the eldest sister glimpsed the wolf-girl's loneliness: the loneliness of someone who flitted from girl to girl, never once knowing true love.
        "Very well. I am a mother to these girls; will you take on the role of their father?"
        "But of course, my dear princess!"
        The wolf-girl swept the eldest sister into her arms, and sealed her vow of eternal love with a kiss to her cheek. The eldest sister's bridal bouquet landed in the hands of the youngest sister......
        And they all lived happily ever after!