Title: Yubisaki Milk Tea (Fingertip Milk Tea)
Mangaka: Miyano Tomochika
ISBNs: 4592134575, 4592134583, 4592134591, 4592143841, 459214385X
This series has been licensed by TokyoPop.

Volume 2 p139-141:
Hidari tells Kagami that she saw an older girl being kissed by a guy and it was cool. She thinks it would be nice if that happened to her someday. She acts it out, not really seriously, but then Kagami kisses her. Hidari gets upset because it was her first kiss, but Kagami tells her it doesn't count because it was between two girls.

Volume 3 splash page:

Volume 3 p135:
Hidari decides she wants to be more feminine, so she asks Kagami for advice. Kagami invites her to stay over that night; she'll fix her up and stuff, and they'll talk a lot.

Incindentally, while they're hugging, Kagami is thinking about how cute Hidari is. lol Oh, and Hidari was worried that Kagami wouldn't like her anymore because she yelled at her, but (of course!) Kagami tells her that it's all right.

Volume 3 p140-144:
The sleepover at Kagami's.

A note on Kagami's speech patterns--she speaks rather roughly for a girl, using the fairly casual "boku" for "I" and often putting the casual "ssu" at the ends of phrases.

Kagami tells Hidari that she's the one who needs Hidari, not the other way around. And she says she's jealous that Hidari has a boy she likes. Hidari is surprised, and points out that Kagami is really popular, and that all the boys in the class probably like her. Kagami replies that she doesn't care about that.

Kagami shows Hidari her image in the mirror, telling her that a ribbon (Kagami's trademark accessory) looks good on Hidari too. Hidari asks Kagami if she can do magic, but Kagami replies that if what she did was magic, then all girls are magicians.

Hidari hands Kagami a love letter that a boy in their class asked her to pass on to Kagami for him, but Kagami throws it away. She tells Hidari that you have to tell people important things in person, or you won't convey them properly. She proceeds to demonstrate-- she calls Hidari over, and tells Hidari she loves her best. Aww.

Hidari is surprised. One of them, I'm not sure which, comments that the other has the fragrance of her (the speaker's) mother.

Volume 3 p165:
Kagami tells the main character, Nori, who Hidari is in love with, that she hates him. For some reason, she uses the more polite "watashi" here rather than "boku." This usage surprises Hidari as well.

Volume 4 p36-38:
All the main characters are on vacation together, if I remember correctly.

Hidari and Nori are fooling around, but Hidari gets scared and wants to stop. Nori refuses to stop.

Kagami walks in and slaps Hidari, saying that Hidari has done something wrong. Hidari asks her why. Kagami doesn't give her an answer, just gets her fully dressed again tells Nori she's taking Hidari with her. Nori agrees.
[page 36 not shown due to adult content]

Volume 4 p130-131:
Hidari asks Kagami to do stuff with her, so she can see if she gets scared again like she did with Nori. But it's no good--she doesn't get scared when it's Kagami who's doing it.

Chapter 38 p7:
Kagami thinks to herself that Hidari is precious to her.

Chapter 38 p20 - Chapter 39 p18:
Kagami tells Hidari that if she thinks only of herself, she'll end up alone someday.

Meanwhile, Kagami thinks to herself that she's attracted/drawn to Hidari, but she doesn't know the word for what she is feeling.

In the continuation of this scene (the first page is the last page of chapter 38, the next is the first page of chapter 39), Hidari tells Kagami that she doesn't mind.

Kagami wants to tell Hidari not to leave her on her own, but can't say the words. Instead, she says, "So you don't need me?" Then she tells Hidari again, twice, that she loves her, but then tries to take it back. Hidari replies that she "loves Kagami lots" too, but Kagami tells Hidari she (Hidari) doesn't mean it in the same way Kagami does.

Hidari hugs Kagami, and apologizes for not noticing her feelings. Kagami says she couldn't tell her because Hidari has someone else she likes and because she (Kagami) and Hidari are both girls.

Kagami says that she was too afraid to tell Hidari about her feelings--she was worried about messing up their current relationship, losing Hidari as a friend. Hidari tells her that that's enough, that she understands. Then she asks Kagami how she wants things to be with her. She'll do anything Kagami wants, though some things might be impossible for her to do.

Kagami says she wants the two of them to go out on their days off from school and eat ice cream together, and to exchange presents on their birthdays. She also wants to kiss Hidari. Hidari says it's all right--that it's all right if Kagami is the one who's kissing her, and not someone else-- so they kiss.

Hidari says it tickles.

Kagami thinks to herself that Hidari is the only one who makes her heart race like this.

Kagami asks Hidari why she's willing to go so far for her, and Hidari says that if she doesn't do things for Kagami, she'll feel like she's taking advantage of Kagami's friendship.

Kagami suddenly realizes that she (Kagami) isn't happy. She enjoyed chasing after her dream, but now that it's been realized, there's nothing beyond that. She apologizes and runs off.

Hidari apologizes to Kagami in her head, "telling" her that she (Hidari) saw everything she (Kagami) was thinking.

Kagami thinks to herself that she expected Hidari to be flustered or agitated. She wanted to control Hidari's feelings, and that wasn't right; the part of her that forced her feelings on Hidari was just drunk on that immorality.

Kagami wishes she hadn't told Hidari about her feelings.

Chapter 40 p14:
Kagami tells her uncle she can't see him anymore. She says that she knew what he was doing to her was wrong, but she was afraid of being left all alone. However, she's not alone anymore--she has Hidari.

Chapter 40 p16-20:
Kagami apologizes to Hidari for going overboard before. She then tells Hidari her secret--she's been molested by her uncle. She asks if Hidari won't like her anymore now that she knows, but Hidari says that won't happen. Hidari has always wanted to be Kagami. She knows it must have been painful for Kagami to keep what was happening to her a secret for so long. She tells Kagami she'll always be by her side.

Kagami replies that she always wanted to be Hidari.

Kagami thinks to herself that Hidari is everything to her. She vows to herself that she'll "walk alongside Hidari" and grow up with Hidari.