Title: Yuri Tengoku 2
Mangaka: Assorted
ISBN: 4886534635

This is the second Yuri Tengoku anthology. See Lililicious for scanlations of the first one.
I thought the anthology as a whole was okay--the same sort of stuff as Yuri Tengoku 1 and [es] ~Eternal Sisters~ volumes 1 and 2. If you liked those, chances are you'll like this collection too.
I'm planning to post 3 stories from the anthology here: one by Teramoto Kaoru (see here and here for scanlated works by Teramoto, who also does doujinshi under the circle name UA), one by Kashimami (who did "She, I, and the Red Book" in the first volume), and one by Yamamoto Johanne.



"Contact," by Teramoto Kaoru
"Hikari no Mukou e..." by Kashimami