Title: Yuriseijin Naoko-san ("Yurian Naoko-san")
Mangaka: kashmir
ISBN: none yet

The chapters of Yuriseijin are very short. It's a cutesy story about an alien from the planet Yuri.
It runs in Dengeki Daioh; no tankoubon is out for it yet.

Chapter 1:

Misuzu is suffering from hay fever. Naoko decides to solve Misuzu's problem by yurilizing trees (to stop the production of pollen). She shoots a tree with some sort of yurilizing ray, and it says "Onee-sama!" and cozies up to another tree. Hearts appear around them.

Chapter 2:

Misuzu's brother wants to go to an amusement park, so Naoko lets him use a magic device that makes the wearer think they're where they want to be. When Naoko herself puts it on, she sees a private girls' school...