Title: Hoshi ni Negai wo (You Wish Upon a Star!)
Circle: Studio Canopus (Yamada Mario)
Fandom: Sailor Moon

This is another great Sailor Moon doujinshi from Studio Canopus (who also did Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made). The creator, Yamada Mario, also did a short for the Colorful Moon 8 anthology, "Lonely Tropical Fish," which has been scanlated by Lililicious. Lililicious has also scanlated another short Studio Canpus doujinshi, The Little Mermaid.

These scans come from kaifuu.com, which has several Sailor Moon doujinshi available for download in the "Comics and Manga" section (the site uses .cbr format for the files; if you don't have a program like CDisplay that you use for .cbr files, just change the file extensions to .rar and open them with a rar program like WinRar). I'm not posting the text story, freetalks, etc. from this doujinshi, so be sure to download it there if you want to see them.

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Front cover:

"The Last Episode" (This strip is a spoof of a scene in the last episode of the anime.).
The outer senshi watch a shooting star together. Michiru wishes for Haruka to stop cheating on her. Haruka wishes for Michiru not to find out she's cheating on her. Setsuna and Hotaru both wish for -censored- with Chibiusa.
Then they all think to themselves that there's absolutely no way their wishes are going to come true.

"Sailor Team ni Onegai!" ("Ask the Sailor Team!")
From episode 115.
Uranus tells the inner senshi that they shouldn't let Hotaru near Chibiusa.
Then she transforms back into plainclothes, giving them a naked view of her from behind.
They all think to themselves that none of them is making a commotion over it. Jupiter wonders if she really saw what she thinks she did. Moon wonders would would happen if there were people in front of Haruka; she asks what's going on. Mercury thinks to herself that Haruka is guilty of public obscenity; she says that Haruka isn't a bad person. Venus thinks to herself that grown-up high-schoolers are a lot different from them. She says that she wonders if what Haruka said has something to do with their enemy. Mars thinks that everyone's remarks are pretty slapdash. She says, "I don't know."

Comments from the artist.

"Neptune to Mercury ni Onegai!" ("Ask Neptune and Mercury!")

Haruka comes home, and wonders who's come to visit-- Michiru rarely has people over.
Just outside the door, she hears someone cry out. Then she hears Michiru telling Ami not to cry out so loudly, Ami protesting that she couldn't help it, Michiru saying she isn't doing anything too terrible to Ami... Then she hears a big thud, and some rattling noises; then Michiru tells Ami it's her turn, Ami says yes, Michiru says Ami shouldn't do it like that, then says "Okay, here goes..."
Haruka assumes the two are in bed together, and figures that the reason Ami didn't fall for her charms (see Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made) is that she wanted Michiru-- Ami and Michiru are both geniuses, both good swimmers, etc., so they get along well.
As the dialog between Ami and Michiru continues, Haruka tells herself to calm down and decide what to do. She figures her options are: (a) Leave and pretend she didn't hear anything; (b) Rush in and angrily demand to know what they're doing; (c) Join in. She thinks to herself that options (b) and (c) are both stupid, and decides to go with (a). She can't exactly be angry over Michiru having an affair considering her own conduct, and she's just happy it isn't with a guy.
Just then, Ami says: "You're amazing... Michiru-san... This... is the first time someone's done this to me so well..."
Haruka reminds herself that she needs to leave already. Although she does want to hear more...
Michiru asks Ami if she doesn't do "it" with Rei-chan and Yamako-chan. Ami replies, "Not that often," and asks if Michiru does "it" with Haruka all the time. Haruka's ears perk up at this.
Michiru replies that Haruka's basically a lost cause in terms of "it." This really upsets Haruka, who thinks to herself that Michiru's lying-- just last night the two of them -censored- and -censored-.
Michiru continues on, saying how much Haruka sucks at "it" and that Ami is the best.
Haruka bursts in, and challenges Ami to a match...
Whereupon she discovers that Michiru and Ami are playing chess. She facefaults. (Real smooth, Haruka...)
She then yells that nobody talks like that when they're playing chess, it's completely unnatural. Michiru asks what she's yelling about. Ami tells Haruka she's happy she'll get to play against her. Of course, Haruka really does completely suck at chess, and Ami thoroughly trounces her. Haruka decides to give up on Ami...

The second installment of "Suspicious Theater," the first installment of which was in a Studio Canopus book I've never read, Uwasa no Futari.

I don't get the first joke, but the second is that Michiru liked the taste of Haruka's blood (it's a spoof of that scene in Stars when Michiru sucks a piece of glass out of Haruka's hand).

The first strip on this page is "Not Very Suspicious Theater." It's the scene from Stars where Seiya comes into Michiru's dressing room and they flirt together. The joke here is that Michiru is more worried about what Haruka would do if she found out than what Seiya's fans would.
The story is continued in the next strip, "Jealousy Theater" (this is a play on words-- "jealousy" ("jerashii") ends with the same letters as "suspicious" ("ayashii")), in which Haruka comes into the dressing room, sees what's going on, and does a World Shaking on Seiya.
The next strip, "Not Suspicious Theater," continues the story. Michiru asks Haruka if she's jealous. Haruka says not really, since she already beat him up. Michiru says that Haruka doesn't know which one of them is really going to get beaten up.
The unconnected next-to-last strip on the page has Michiru bouncing a lemon on her violin during her concert with the Three Lights and Seiya wondering what the heck she is.
In the last strip, Michiru asks Haruka to help her change, then tells her she doesn't have to take her underwear off too.

"Spatter With Innocent Blood."

A girl's dog, Einstein, jumps up on Haruka. Haruka tries to ask the girl's name (at first, the girl thinks she's asking about the dog's name), but Michiru drags her off. Michiru comments that she didn't know that Haruka liked dogs too-- she did know that Haruka liked kittens (which could be a reference to cute girls). Haruka says that she had a big, black, really smart (smart enough to go to college, according to Haruka) German Shephard when she was young. Just then, they hear a scream.
Turns out Einstein has attacked a bird. The girl is trying without success to get him to let go of it, but Haruka manages it. The bird, a pigeon, is injured, and Haruka says she knows someone who will take a look at it. She and Michiru take it to him.
His office is technically closed, but Haruka knows that he takes emergency cases too. He opens the door, and he and Haruka exchange the usual pleasantries. He takes a look at the pigeon, and says that though he can reattach the wing, he can't fix the nerve damage, so the pigeon will never be able to fly again. He says it will have trouble surviving in nature, but that it might not be happy living in a birdcage either. He offers-- though without explicitly saying so-- to put it down. He sends Michiru and Haruka to wait in the waiting room. While they're sitting there, Haruka reveals to Michiru that her dog died of heartworm, and that it was her fault for forgetting to get him the appropriate vaccinations. Michiru points out that Haruka was just a child at the time. Haruka says that's not a good enough reason. The vet and other people recommended that she have the dog put down, but she couldn't do it. So the dog suffered a lot before it died.
The vet comes out to the waiting room. He tells them that he put the bird down by injection, so it didn't have to suffer much. He apologizes that all he has to put it in is a plain box, but Haruka says that's all right, and thanks him. He suggests that they bury the road in the gardens at Haruka's house.
The vet apologizes for not being able to save the bird, and Haruka apologizes in turn. Haruka wants to pay the vet for his services, but he refuses. He says he's happy just to have gotten to see her again. He tells her he's been keeping up with her exploits in the word of motor sports, and remembers that when she was little, she wanted to become a racer someday. He wishes her the best, and tells her not to get hurt. She thanks him, and she and Michiru leave.
Haruka says that she doesn't really know what's right and what's wrong. Maybe the bird would have wanted to live longer, even if it meant being in a cage. She couldn't kill her dog before, even when he ended up confined to his bed. Was that because she felt sorry for him, or because she was afraid of getting her hands dirty? When the dog was weak with anemia and couldn't even stand, she devoted herself to taking care of him. One day, she went to the kitchen to get him some more water, and when she came back, he was dead. She wonders if she did the right thing-- if she'd had him put down, he wouldn't have suffered for so long, and she could have held him in her arms in his last moments. She still remembers how she felt at the time, and never wants to regret something like that again. So if she has to dirty her hands in order to save the world, she won't hesitate. She's willing to accept any sort of punishment.
After they've dug a hole for the box, Haruka comments that they'll be burying it deep enough that dogs shouldn't dig it up. As Haruka holds the pigeon in her hands, she wonders if the Messiah could bring it back to life. Michiru replies, "Maybe."
Haruka suggests that they go home. Michiru takes Haruka's hand, and Haruka warns that Michiru's hand will get dirty. Michiru agrees, unfazed, and doesn't let go.

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