[2004/07/25] 1.Kekkonshiki (Wedding).
Plica was asked to speak at Riko-chan's wedding (I'm guessing Riko-chan is a past lover of hers). She leaves before the second event (the reception maybe?), then goes home and cries. She thinks to herself that she went to the ceremony as a way of parting with Riko-chan, so she didn't like being asked to give a speech.

[2004/08/23] 3.Deai? (Meeting?).
When Plica meets an attractive lesbian who's way out of her league, it's worse than if the woman were straight.

[2004/08/28] 4.Bimyou na Kyori (A Strange Amount of Distance).
With men, it's like you measure the distance between the two of you with radar. With the straight women you like, it's like you're testing out your lasso. With another lesbian, it's like the two of you are measuring the distance between you with invisible rulers, isn't it?
Relevant dialogue:
3rd panel: She's my type!
Last panel: Maybe the distance between us is a little too big.

[2004/09/04] 5.Hannou (Reaction).
One woman tells the group that another woman, Michiko, has come out. One woman says, "Oh---!? Finally---!" Another asks what "coming out" means. Another asks, "Does that mean she's a lezzie?" The same one who asked what the term meant asks, "Does that mean she's with another woman?" Another woman in the group comments that Michiko tried to approach her before, and the one next to her says that Michiko is dangerous. Meanwhile, someone asks Plica, who's standing in the middle of the group, what's wrong with her.

[2004/09/11] 6.Kanshaku (Feeling).
Plica tried doing it with a guy once. She realized that it was kind of easy, but it wasn't what she wanted (literally, the feeling/sensation wasn't what she wanted).
Relevant dialog:
5th panel:
Plica: *stare*
Guy: Hm? Again?
6th panel:
Guy: Geez, it's like I'm the girl here.

[2004/09/18] 7.Oishii yubi (Yummy fingers).
When the male dentist's hands are in her mouth, Plica just wants to puke. But when it's a certain woman's hands, Plica sometimes wants to lick her fingers.

[2004/09/25] 8.Ofuro (Bathtime).
Plica likes to brush her teeth in the bath. But when she puts her shoulders underwater, hot water comes up and splashes her, so her shoulders are always a little cold.

[2004/10/02] 9.Konomi no Hito (Plica's Type).
Sometimes there are guys Plica likes, but sometimes those guys have really gorgeous wives, ones that are totally Plica's type. Dialog: man offers to introduce his wife to Plica; they offer the expected pleasantries to each other; the man's wife tells Plica she should come over sometime and Plica accepts enthusiastically.

[2004/10/09] 10. Kabinshou (Hypersensitivity).
Plica is hypersensitive to the word "homosexuality"-- she thinks she hears it mentioned on the radio a couple times, but both times it ends up being something else.

[2004/10/18] 11. Naze? (Why?)
Plica's been trying not to fall for women, but she keeps meeting them.
Relevant dialogue:
2nd panel:
Misa: The taiyaki from this place is good~~~!
3nd panel:
Misa: You wanna try a bite, Plica?
4nd panel:
Plica: Another straight woman.
Plica: It's an indirect kiss.
Misa: Just one bite!

[2004/10/25] 12. Kuchibiru to Oheso (Lips and Bellybutton).
Plica's lips are chapped. How long has it been since she's kissed someone?
She also has a lot of bellybutton lint. How long has it been since she's gotten laid?

[2004/10/31] 13. Misa-chan ga (Misa-chan...).
Plica's in love with Misa. She can't get her out of her head. But she can't just tell Misa her feelings, so she tests the waters first-- she tells Misa about an interesting book she read in which the main character was a lesbian. When Misa sounds interested in the book-- and the idea of a lesbian character-- she gets her hopes up.
She pretends to be straight, saying she heard there might be a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival going on, and then is hurt when Misa says that she wants to see a movie with pretty boys in it, but as for the rest...
Then Plica just gets depressed. She says that people don't normally go to film festivals like that. Misa asks if Plica is interested in that sort of thing.

[2004/11/06] 14. Purezento (Present).
Misa's birthday is coming up.
Plica looks at pajamas, but wonders if they'd be too suggestive a gift. She considers roses, then decides that might be going overboard (though she does want to give them to Misa at least once). She worries a lot over the present, but ends up getting Misa a duck. Misa thanks her, but is a little perplexed.

[2004/11/20] 15. Kitai (Expectations).
Plica and Misa go to see a late show at the movie theater. Misa asks if Plica wants to sleep over at her place, since it's so late. Misa is a polite hostess, offering the bath to Plica first and giving her pajamas and towels. While she's in the bath, Plica thinks to herself: "Misa-chan was the one who invited me to stay over, right? Should I get into her bed with her? Or maybe we'll be sharing one? What if she rejects me? But she was the one who invited me-"
Fantasizing about being in bed with Misa, she puts on the pajamas, only to discover that they look ridiculous. "Why!?" she wonders to herself, as Misa teases her about how well they suit her.

[2004/11/27] 16. Mata?! (Again?!)
Plica asks Misa if she wants to go on a trip with her the following year, during Golden Week (a holiday) or something. Misa replies that she has a wedding to go to then. When Plica asks whose it is, Misa says that it's hers (Misa's).

[2004/12/07] 17. Misa-chan no Kekkonshiki de (At Misa-chan's Wedding).
Plica gets drunk and pukes at the reception-- all over a stranger. A friend of Plica's apologizes to the woman, saying she's never seen Plica like this before. The stranger takes Plica to the bathroom. Plica's memory is pretty fuzzy after that, but she remembers how good the woman's hands felt on her back.

[2004/12/15] 18. Doko? Dare? (Where am I? Who is this?)
Plica wakes up in a strange place. The woman from the night before is there, but Plica doesn't really remember who she is. The woman asks if she has a hangover. Then Plica remembers throwing up on her the night before, and wonders why she's in her (the other woman's) room. She apologizes, and the other woman says that it's okay-- she's done this sort of thing before too. Plica asks if that means she's thrown up on someone before, and the other woman says, "Of course not," holding back laughter. She then asks Plica if Misa was the reason she was (so drunk she was) throwing up.

[2004/12/21] 19. Mari-chan no Fuku (Mari-chan's Outfit).
Plica goes to see Mari to apologize for the other day, bringing cakes. She's very nervous. Mari offers her something to drink.
Plica notices that Mari even went to the trouble of having Plica's dress dry cleaned. When Mari comes back, Plica asks her if they were able to get the stain out, and Mari says yes.
Plica comments that it looks like the two outfits are holding hands, and Mari agrees. It looks like Mari's outfit is going to take Plica's dress out somewhere.

[2005/01/24] 20. Tisshu Kubari (Handing Out Kleenex).
[Cultural note: in Japan, businesses hand out little packets of Kleenex with their info on them-- it's a way of advertising.]
Plica ignores several annoying people handing out Kleenex, but accepts them from an attractive woman.

[2005/02/01] 21. Hatsudeeto? (First Date?)
Mari asks Plica out to dinner, and Plica accepts the invitation. Plica thinks to herself that Mari is an OL (office lady-- female office worker who typically does menial tasks), so an Italian restaurant might be good. After dinner, they'll go to a bar with a nice night view. And then... they'll nonchalently go to the park and kiss... or maybe it's too soon for that?
At the actual date, Mari suggests they go have ramen. Plica looks surprised, and Mari asks if Plica doesn't like that kind of ramen (tonkotsu ramen); Plica says she does like it. There go Plica's plans for their romantic date...

[2005/02/07] 22. Piano Lesson.
Mari is surprised/impressed to hear that Plica studied piano. Plica says that she studied a little, but... all she remembers is her teacher's pear-shaped bottom.

[2005/02/15] 23. Hatten? (Progress?)
Plica is annoyed by PDA on the part of male-female couples, but takes Mari's hand when she offers it. Then people start staring at them and whispering. Plica says, "Wouldn't want to get lost in the crowd!" to justify their holding hands.
In the last panel, she thinks to herself that her feelings for Mari must be obvious.

[2005/02/23] 24. Mari-chan.
Mari went out with a guy a little while back. She was fine with kissing him. She gave him a blowjob, and had sex with him. But his body felt like a paper cut-out to her.

[2005/03/02] 25. Mari-chan 2.
When Yuuko got married, Mari found herself in a bad mood. She thought that what she was feeling was a normal reaction to a good friend getting married.

[2005/03/05] 26. Itsukara (When Did it Start?).
When was it that Plica fell in love with a woman for the first time? For Mari, it was probably in college. Plica remembers how her heart beat fast when she saw an upperclassman of hers in middle school. Then she remembers a friend from middle school. Then she remembers how she always wanted to be close to the teacher in kindergarten. Then she "remembers" how a certain nurse made her smile when she was a baby. All in all, she isn't really sure when she started liking women.

[2005/03/15] 27. Ichido wa (Try it Sometime).
A woman comments that maybe she should try the lesbian thing sometime. Plica gets pissed off and tells her that that comment is inconsiderate of real lesbians. The two women wonder if Plica herself might be one, after what she just said. Plica just tells them that she has friends who are lesbians.

[2005/03/22] 28. Onna no Hito ga (I like...).
The other woman asks Plica if she isn't getting married yet. Plica replies that she's enjoying her job too much right now. In fact, she's enjoying it so much that she'd take a wife over a husband (so she could keep working). The other woman laughs and says she can understand the feeling.
Later, a woman comments that she can't seem to get a boyfriend. Plica tells her that if she were a guy, that woman is definitely the type of woman she'd want to marry. The other woman jokes that she should take Plica up on her offer. The phrase, "I like women" was hidden in the jokes Plica told the two women.

[2005/03/26] 29. Sesshoku (Contact).
After pulling Mari out of danger from a car, Plica thinks to herself that Mari's arms are pretty slender. Her heart begins to pound.

[2005/04/02] 30. Kyou Koso (I'll Do it Today!).
Plica and Mari go out to eat together. After they leave the restaurant, Plica invites Mari to go for a walk with her. Plica thinks to herself that she wants to kiss Mari and stuff tonight, but she's afraid Mari won't like her if she does that and then she won't be able to see her anymore.
Plica, oh-so-smoothly, asks Mari if she wants to stay out forever (literally, doesn't want to go home that night). Mari just replies, "What are you saying?" Plica wonders to herself if it's all right for her to make the first move. She's really more of a femme than a butch, after all.
As she's agonizing over it, Mari beats her to it.

[2005/04/12] 31. Mousou ga (Delusions).
Plica imagines seducing Mari. Mari will be hesitant, saying that maybe they shouldn't do it after all since they're both girls, but Plica will reassure her. Mari will tell her not to rush, to be gentle. After Plica has undressed Mari, Mari will tell Plica to take her clothes off too.
As Plica is imagining this, Mari is taking her pajamas off. Mari asks what's up with Plica, and isn't she going to take her pajamas off? Plica replies that she's just having some crazy ideas...

[2005/04/18] 32. Asa (Morning).
Plica thinks to herself that she's always dreamt of starting a morning off like this. (The picture has Mari telling Plica good morning, and Plica's heart going "ba-dump!") But then Plica remembers that her face looks all swollen first thing in the morning, so she turns away and hides, saying "Don't look at me!"

[2005/04/25] 33. Hadaka (Nudity).
Mari tells Plica she's going to go ahead and use the shower first. In the shower, Mari realizes she's out of shampoo, so she asks Plica to get some for her. When Plica goes to hand it to her, she (Plica) gets flustered and leaves as quickly as possible, though Mari seems to be completely calm and collected about it. Plica's heart is pounding. She's still shy about these sorts of things, even though they've already slept together.

[2005/05/08] 34. Oppai (Breasts).
When you get really close to someone else, their body looks completely different than it does from farther away. Her breasts are surprisingly heavy, and they can take on a variety of shapes.
Last panel:
Mari: Don't play with them.
Plica: I'll put my head in between!

[2005/05/14] 35. Docchi? (Which One?)
When Plica is making love to Mari, she feels a little bit like the "seme" (the top-- mainly used in the BL (boys' love, yaoi) world), but she doesn't feel like she's become a man. But when she's on the bottom, being made love to, she particularly feels like she's become a woman (even though she already is one).
Last panel:
Plica: Why?

[2005/05/23] 36. Kono Mama (Like This).
Mari tells Plica she has to go. Plica invites her to stay over, but Mari declines, saying she has an early start the next day. Putting her hand inside Mari's bra, Plica asks Mari to take it back with her like that.

[2005/05/28] 37. Pride.
Plica asks Mari what bra size she wears, and Mari answers, "D, I think."
The saleswoman tells Plica she's a size B, and Plica asks her to measure it again-- she wants to at least be a C! Note: I'm using the Japanese bra sizes here, which I have heard are about one size smaller than US sizes.

[2005/06/04] 38. Seichou (Growing Up).
As a child, Plica ran to her teacher when she hurt her finger.
As an older child, she went to the nurse when she had a headache.
But when Plica comes to Mari with a splinter, Mari just hands her some tweezers to use.
The narration in the last panel says: "How about growing up a bit, Plica-chan?"

[2005/06/13] 39. Kamu Auto Souzou Zu (Drawing of an Imagined Coming-Out Scenario).
Plica imagines what would happen if she came out to her friend-- a curtain would come down between them, one that would never disappear. Her friend would think to herself that if she openly acted surprised, it would look like she was discriminating against gay people, but if she were to remain calm, that would look weird too. Her friend would end up deciding to just say "Oh, is that so? I thought that might be the case." After which Plica would remark that her friend wasn't very surprised. Plica thinks to herself that she doesn't have the courage to come out to her friend yet. Her friend says "What?" and she replies "Mm, nothing."

[2005/06/20] 40. Seishun (Youth).
In one's school years, the most important thing is to make friends. Holding an exchange diary, Plica's friend says that since she and Plica are friends, she'll tell her something special, and Plica gets a bit excited. But then her friend tells her the secret: she has a crush on Katou-kun. Plica is disappointed.

[2005/06/26] 41. Onnarashiku (Like a Girl).
Plica's mother was always telling her to act more like a girl. Her mother complained that she was dressed like a boy again, and she replied that she was going to do photography. She asked her mother (possibly only in her imagination) who she was supposed to act like a girl for, and assumed it was for boys that she was supposed to do it. However, when Plica met Mari-chan, she thought for the first time that she wanted to be a little more girly and wanted to be a better woman. She noticed that high heels make one's legs look prettier, decided to buy sleeveless tops once in a while, and commented that a pair of underwear was sexy. When Plica's friend asked her if something happened to her, she said "Nah."

[2005/07/05] 42. Image.
There are lesbians with short hair who don't wear makeup or bras and who wear T-shirts and jeans, but Plica doesn't want to be grouped together with those people. One of them greets her, and suggests she cut her hair too, and she (Plica) remarks that there are a lot of that type around that day... There's lesbian porn made by men, and the illusion known as "yuri." Plica sleeps with the person she loves, but she doesn't want to be grouped together with those images. The last panel has a funny scene with Plica asking her lover to dress up in the school uniform, just once, and her lover saying no.

[2005/07/14] 43. Saki no Baai (In Saki's Case).
Saki, a teacher, is confessed to by one of her students. She asks if it's all right even though they're the same gender. Saki thinks to herself that this type of girl still exists. She presents three possibilities: projection ("She's wonderful! She's my ideal person!" and a glorified image of Saki), becoming similar ("I want to be like sensei [teacher]!"), and a period before experiencing love with the opposite gender ("Boys are dirty! I want to be spoiled by [literally, to depend and presume upon another's benevolence] Onee-sama [older girl or young woman]!" Saki tells the student she'll listen to what she has to say if her feelings don't fall into one of the above categories. Then she gets upset with herself for saying such a thing.

[2005/07/20] 44. Tsui...... (Without Thinking......).
One compliments girls out of habit, without really thinking about it, but when her girlfriend/partner's there, one has to be more careful... Plica compliments one girl on her shirt, and another on her hair. Then Saki introduces Plica to her partner. Plica compliments her on her skin, and Saki gets ticked off.

[2005/07/25] 45. Elevator.
When the two of you are alone in an elevator together, you want to kiss each other, don't you? (Saki kisses her girlfriend, who protests that people will get on the elevator.) When you're alone in an elevator, you want to dance, don't you? Maybe not.

[2005/08/08] 47. G-spot.
Saki wonders to herself where the G-spot is. Her partner asks her if she's thinking about something. Saki tells her it's nothing, and kisses her. Then Saki thinks to herself that the clitoris is an organ that would have developed into a penis (if the person had been male instead of female). She thinks about inserting it into her body, and tries to get the angle right. Her partner asks if she wants to stop for the day.

[2005/08/27] 49. Netteru Toki Mo (When You're Sleeping, Too).
You don't want to be separated from her when you're sleeping, either. But sleeping in the same bed together is lonely, too.

[2005/09/04] 50. Cream.
Plica comes out of the shower, feeling refreshed. She asks Mari-chan to rub cream on her. She imagines Mari-chan putting it on her breasts, but Mari-chan only does her back, saying she can reach everywhere else herself. She tells her good night and walks off.