Title: Plica (or Purika-chan)
Mangaka: Amamiya Sae
ISBN: n/a

This manga strip used to run in the now-defunt lesbian magazine Anise; according to the Yuricon in Tokyo booklet, it's currently being serialized in LOUD News, the newsletter of LOUD (this may no longer be the case; the site doesn't contain any information on LOUD newsletters past 2005), and used to run online at the Love Piece Club website (note: not worksafe).

The strips can be found on the Love Piece Club website (here's a direct link to Plica), so I won't be hosting the images myself. Some of these strips contain adult content and imagery. I'm listing them in chronological order.

The Plica animated movie is now available to purchase from the Love Piece Club site (not worksafe; links directly to the Plica DVD). According to the description, the movie is half an hour long and subtitled in English. And since it's a Japanese DVD, you'll want to make sure you have access to a region-free (or Japanese region) DVD player. They do ship abroad, though international shipping for the movie will be 2100 or 3000 yen depending on where you live. For more information on the movie, see Okazu's review.

Strips 1-50
Strips 51-100
Strips 101-132 (complete)