[2005/09/13] 51. Simulation.
Plica and her mother are watching a report on "the lesbian world."
As the report is saying that the number of lesbians coming out have increased recently, Plica wonders to herself what her mother would do if Plica came out to her.
The first option is that she would just take it as a joke and say something like, "I had a crush on a female teacher once way back when too."
The second option is that she would blame Plica for it and say something like, "I don't remember giving birth to a lesbian! How filthy!"
The third option is that she would blame herself and say something like, "I must have raised you wrong!" The fourth option is that she would pretend she didn't hear it; she'd say, "This is boring," and turn off the TV.
Plica wonders to herself what to do, as the TV topic turns to ramen.

[2005/09/27] 52. Sasayaka na (A Minor Compensation).
Saki wonders if Rui is going to go back to her own place again today. Rui asks Saki to fasten her bra. The word she uses, "tomete," is a homonym for "let me stay over." Saki thinks to herself that Rui obviously didn't mean she wanted to stay over. Saki just can't quite manage to ask Rui to stay... so instead, she fastens her bra wrong, and hmphs. Rui comments that her bra is pricking her a little.

[2005/10/03] 53. Closet.
Plica wonders to herself what sort of closet she's in at the moment. She wonders if it's something like this? Or like that?
In Saki's case, the door of the closet is open.

[2005/10/12] 54. Sonna Hi (Days Like That).
On nights when Mari puts a lot of lotion on her face before bed, Plica isn't in the mood.

[2005/10/19] 55. Buttons.
Plica redoes Mari's buttons. Mari asks if Plica is stopping, but Plica says that she wants to undo all the buttons again.

[2005/10/25] 56. Youi (Preparations).
Plica has heard that lesbian sex is endless.
Second panel:
Woman 1: It's morning already...
Woman 2: Mmmm. More!

[2005/11/02] 57. Kou Shiteru to (When You're Doing This...)
When you're doing this, it feels like you could love anyone.
So why do you have preferences, like not wanting to do it with men or wanting to do it with certain women? Second panel:
Saki: Did you come?
Third panel:
Saki: I love women's necks.
Fourth panel:
Saki: I really want to do it with Rui...

[2005/11/08] 58. Nai? (That's Never Happened to You?)
Plica asks Mari if she's ever had it happen that she was feeling mentally or emotionally weak and her presence felt like it was barely there-- she got her foot stepped on a lot, automatic doors didn't respond to her, etc. Mari says no.

[2005/11/14] 59. Onee-san (Older Sister).
After seeing another little girl run up to her older sister, little Plica asks her mother to give birth to an older sister for her.

[2005/11/23] 60. Asoko (Down There).
Plica wonders to herself why her private area gets all wet after it's just been touched a little. She also wonders where the fluid goes if she doesn't have sex.
Fourth panel:
Plica: It's not good for your health to store it up like that, so let's do it.
Mari: I'm sleepy.

[2005/11/29] 61. Kono Toki (At Times Like This).
When you're being licked like this, doesn't your upper area feel a little lonely? It'd be weird to hug a pillow, so...
Fourth panel:
Mari: That's even weirder.

[2005/12/05] 62. Ienai Koto (Something She Can't Say).
Rui says she has to go. Saki wants her to stay longer, but Rui points out that they both have to be up early the next morning (to which Saki replies that they always do).
Rui briskly gets dressed and puts her makeup on.
Rui says goodbye, and Saki stares at her, thinking that she (Saki) can't ask Rui to kiss her.
"What?" Rui asks, and Saki, deciding to just go for it, kisses her. Rui tries to stop her, saying her lipstick is going to get messed up.

[2005/12/12] 63. Nattoku!? (Understanding?!)
As a girl tells Mari-chan she doesn't look like a lesbian, the narration wonders if that's supposed to be a compliment. As the same girl tells Saki that she can kind of understand how Saki is a lesbian, the narration wonders if that's supposed to be understanding.

[2005/12/20] 64. Mari-chan no Jikken (Mari-chan's Experiment).
Plica goes for Mari's breasts right away. Mari wonders to herself whether, since Plica loves breasts so much, she just sees Mari as a pair of breasts. She tests her theory by making fake breasts and holding them out to Plica. Plica mistakes them for Mari, and Mari, looking none too pleased, says, "I thought so."

[2006/01/10] 65. Two Shot [note: A picture of two people.].
When you ask a stranger to take your picture in public, you can't be all over each other, but it would be silly to stand far apart from each other too. So the picture ends up being taken with this strange distance between the two of you.

[2006/01/16] 66. Saki no Fuan (Saki's Insecurity).
Saki is always the one that initiates kisses between her and Rui. Even though Rui usually responds to Saki's kisses, it still makes Saki feel a little insecure.

[2006/01/24] 67. Choux a la Creme.
Plica asks Mari if she wants to go buy some cakes, and Mari says sure. Plica gets a couple jumbo choux a la creme (creme-filled pastries), and Mari gets chocolate cake. Plica happily squeezes (gropes? ;)) the pastries. Later, Mari feels her breasts, wondering, "They're not like that yet... right?"

[2006/01/30] 68. Anshin (Relief).
Plica and Rui are watching a woman breastfeed her baby. The baby falls asleep while it's suckling, and the mother tells them that that happens sometimes. Plica imagines(/remembers?) doing the same with Mari. Rui comments, "That must feel nice." Plica adds, "I bet it's the best!" The mother says that it looks like the baby feels secure and relieved.

[2006/02/06] 69. Odaiji ni (Get Well Soon).
Plica sneezes, shivers, takes some medicine, and lies in bed suffering. Plica fantasizes about Mari offering her okayu (rice porridge; often served to people who are sick) and canned peaches, and hopes that Mari will be back from her business trip soon.

[2006/02/13] 70. Konna Hito (People Like This).
People like this still exist:
A woman asks Plica if she knows someone named Natsuko, and Plica says she does. She comments that it's a small world after all. Then the woman says that Natsuko is "that way."
Plica wonders if the woman is trying to say that Natsuko is a lesbian.

[2006/02/21] 71. Naisho (Secret).
Plica likes the way Mari looks in a suit, but decides not to tell Mari that yet, thinking Mari will call her a dirty old man.

[2006/02/28] 72. Furu na! (Don't Touch It!)
"Don't touch her there with your [dirty] fingers!"

[2006/03/14] 74. Kaisuu (Number of Times).
Hearing a woman talk about how she had sex three times the night before, Plica wonders how lesbians count the number of times they have sex.

[2006/03/20] 75. Konna Koto (Things Like This).
They do things like this (having sex) together, and yet she worries about things like this (how close they're sitting on the couch).
Panel 3: "Oh, the movie's starting."
Panel 4: "It's not very interesting."
Panel 5: "She's so close!" "I'm changing the channel, okay?"

[2006/03/27] 76. Koko wa (This Area).
There are times when Plica thinks the vagina isn't just designed for pensises.
Panel 3: "Oh. I can spread them to the sides too?"
Panel 4: "No more, Plica-chan!" "And there's fist fucking and stuff too. Plus, babies come out of here."

[2006/04/03] 77. Hetero no Kizukai (Straight People's Consideration).
A couple women are oohing and aahing over a magazine of male nudes. Saki takes a look at the magazine, and the women apologize to her, saying she must not want to see stuff like that. The truth is that Saki really did want to see it, since the men have cool-looking bodies.

[2006/04/11] 78. Kono Sekai (This World).
A woman is talking to Saki about coming out. She talks about things like the eyes of society, and how "we" have no choice but to live in "this world." Saki is thinking to herself, "'The eyes of society'?! 'We'?! 'This world'?!" She gets a pen and a piece of paper and asks the woman to write/draw what she means by "this world," "we," and "the eyes of society."

[2006/04/19] 79. Tama ni wa (Sometimes).
Rui leaves to go back home. Saki looks around the apartment, to no avail. She thinks to herself that she wishes Rui would forget stuff there sometimes-- she didn't even leave her toothbrush there.

[2006/04/25] 80. Pajama Sugata (In Pajamas).
The thing Saki most wants to see is Rui wearing her (Saki's) pajamas...but. Somehow, Plica ends up being the one to wear them.
Panel 2: "Cuuute!" "Think they're a little too big?"
Panel 3: "'Night!"
Panel 4: "Sorry to impose on you so suddenly. Thanks for letting me borrow your pajamas!"

[2006/05/08] 81. Neguse (Bedhead).
Mari urges Plica to hurry up-- Plica's still trying to get her hair in order. Mari says she'll do it for her, but her idea of fixing Plica's hair is a bit haphazard...

[2006/05/16] 82. Inemuri (Napping).
When a napping man starts to lean on Plica on the train, she runs away, but when a girl does the same thing, Plica allows it.

[2006/05/22] 83. Ittara (After They Come).
Plica brings Mari to orgasm.
Plica remembers hearing a woman complain that men fall asleep right after they come (with no regard for their partner and whether she's gotten off), and thinking to herself that lesbians don't have that problem.
Back in the present, Plica notices that Mari has fallen asleep.

[2006/05/29] 84. Onna no Puraido? (A Woman's Pride?)
Plica is pretty hurt when a man ignores her in favor of another woman.

[2006/06/06] 85. Moto Kano-tachi (Ex-Girlfriends).
Plica wonders if it's just her imagination, or if lesbians talk about exes too much with their current girlfriends.
Panel 1: "Come to think of it, when I went to a club with my ex-girlfriend..."
Panel 2: "My ex-girlfriend was flirting with someone else." "Oh? What happened next?"
Panel 3: "My ex..."
Panel 4: "Me too..." *yawn* "Oh, sorry."

[2006/06/12] 86. Maketa? (I Lost?)
Plica is getting some spinach at the store when a little boy comes up and says, "Wow, there are lotsa boobs!" (This sounds cute in Japanese because "oppai" (breasts) and "ippai" ("lots") sound similar.) Plica then takes a closer look herself, and realizes he was right. She never noticed that before. She kind of feels like she lost to the kid.

[2006/06/19] 87. Hajimete no Oppai (My First Breast).
The first time Plica sucked on a woman's breast, she wondered to herself if that was what babies experienced. She then wondered to herself if men thought that the first time they did it too.
Panel 2: "I don't remember it at all, though."
Panel 4: "Well, whatever. I don't really care."

[2006/06/26] 88. Machiko-san Tanjou (Machiko-san Appears).
It turns out that a wonderful woman Machiko knows engages in lesbian behavior once in a while; Machiko had no idea.
Panel 2: "I have feelings for you, Machiko-san."
Panel 3: "Machiko-san." "Ahyaaaa!"
Panel 4: "Don't say that. You should make the first move." "Well, our getting together was an unexpected piece of good fortune too." (said by Mari; perhaps she's bringing up the fact that Plica didn't make the first move either) "What?!"

[2006/07/04] 89. Ii Kaori (It Smells Good).
Coffee smells really good when someone else makes it for you, but not when you make it for yourself (it seems that way, at least).

[2006/07/10] 90. Eigasai ni Ikou (Let's Go to a Film Festival).
Plica and Mari are on their way to go see the Plica movie at a lesbian and gay film festival. It starts at 6:30. They're not sure if they'll make it there on time, so they decide to take a taxi. Their taxi driver says that they should find good men before they're left old maids (since they're two women going out on the town together). Mari, annoyed, notes that she didn't think there were many taxi drivers like him anymore. The driver asks if they're going out to look for men. Plica wants to stab the guy, but Mari kisses her instead.
After he drops them off, Plica wonders if they just ended up making him happy, and if it really did any good at all. Mari just replies that the movie's going to start.

[2006/07/19] 91. Eigasai Itta? (Did You Go to the Film Festival?)
Saki sees a pamphlet and ticket stub for the film festival, and asks Rui if she went. Saki gets upset, because she'd suggested they go together. Rui apologizes. Clenching her fist, Saki asks Rui how it was. As Rui turns around to answer her (her answer: "It was pretty interesting"), she hides her fist behind her back. The narration says, "I wish you wouldn't be so transparent."

[2006/07/24] 92. Dame? (Should I Not Do That?)
At work, a guy asks Plica if she has a boyfriend. She thinks of the three possible answers she could give: 1) Yes, I do (it's a girlfriend, though); 2) What does that have to do with anything? 3) No, not a boyfriend--a girlfriend. She realizes that all three conversations will send the guy packing. Instead, she just says no (thinking to herself, "I do have a girlfriend, though"). She does it because she wants to get along with the people she wants to work with, but wonders if it's really okay. The guy invites her to go out drinking with him and some others sometime.

[2006/07/31] 93. Onna tte... (Women...)
A woman is complaining to Machiko about what a pain in the butt guys are. She says she might not even go home tonight. Then the woman's cell phone rings. It's Kouji, her boyfriend/husband/whatever. The woman tells him she's going to come home right now. (Machiko, surprised, spurts her beer.) The woman apologizes to Machiko, and tells her they'll have to have a nice leisurely drink together sometime. Machiko says, "I knew it."

[2006/08/07] 94. Fukuzatsu (Complicated).
"This sort of combination can ruin a friendship."
Machiko is annoyed when her friend notices a pretty girl. Later, she goes out and buys some more feminine clothing.

[2006/08/21] 95. Gomen ne (I'm Sorry).
I'm sorry I got close to you without telling you I was gay and in love with you.
Panel 1: "Did you wait long?" "Classmates. [description, not dialog] " "No, I just got here."
Panel 2: "You have a leaf stuck to you." "Thanks."
Panel 3: "Wanna have lunch there?" "Sure."
Panel 4: "If only you were my boyfriend, Roku-chan." "Huh?!"

[2006/09/04] 96. Ienai (Can't Say It).
I want to kiss her. "Can I kiss you?" "Let me kiss you." "Wanna kiss?"
Panel 1: "I fell down the stairs this morning."
Panel 2: "I'm such a klutz!" "So cute."
Panel 3: "What?"
Panel 4: "And then..." "No, nothing..."

[2006/09/12] 97. Sono Hito (That Person).
A woman is telling Plica about this guy she knows, Yuuichi. When Plica asks who it is, the (straight) woman tells her that Yuuichi is her gay friend, with emphasis on the "gay." She then continues, "And that gay Yuuichi-kun..."
Plica then thinks to herself that if she comes out, people will talk about her the same way.
She's guilty of doing the same thing, though: "Hm? So, what did that gay man do?"

[2006/09/19] 98. Ennichi (Festival).
Plica and Mari notice that a festival is going on, and play one of the games they remember from their childhood (fishing for "yoyos"--balloons partly filled with water, with rubber bands attached--with a piece of paper and a hook). After they leave, Plica asks Mari to lend her the one she won later, but Mari says no, picturing Plica playing with the balloons like breasts.

[2006/09/25] 99. Akikaze (Fall Breeze).
Plica wonders why just a pair of underwear is enough to make her feel warmer.

[2006/10/02] 100. Machiko-san Hatsukurabu (Machiko-san's First Time at a Club).
Plica asks Machiko if she wants to check out an event at a club with her.
Machiko wonders what she should wear, and what clubs are like. She ends up wearing a skirt. Plica wonders if Machiko came straight there from work.