[2006/10/11] 101. Imi (Meaning).
A straight woman tells Plica she likes/loves Reiko, but qualifies it with: "but not like that" (literally, "I didn't mean anything weird by it"). Plica wonders what she means by that (what sort of meaning she was referring to).

[2006/10/16] 102. Gokai (Misunderstanding).
A woman comments that a pair of men look gay, startling Machiko. The woman then continues, "You can just kind of tell." Another woman concurs with her. Machiko, nervous, tenses up. One of the women comments that Machiko is stiff, and another notes that she especially seems to have a problem with gay people.

[2006/10/23] 103. Kono Hito (This Person).
If only this person were a lesbian.
She'd tell Machiko she had something to say to her, then come out to her and introduce her girlfriend to her. Machiko would reply that it didn't bother her at all.

[2006/10/30] 104. Uranai (Fortune-telling).
Machiko picks up a magazine and looks up her horoscope, but it has a bunch of instructions involving math and stuff. She decides to just forget it.
Have fortunes gotten to be a pain in the butt these days?

[2006/11/06] 105. Renshuu (Practice).
Machiko is practicing casual reactions: "Oh? I didn't know that." "That does seem to be the case."
Plica asks her what she's doing, but she says it's nothing.
Then we see a woman talking to her about gay people: "I heard the number of homosexuals has been increasing lately." Machiko replies with the sort of reaction she's been practicing--apparently she's been practicing them for conversations like these.

[2006/11/14] 106. Atatamekata (A Way to Warm Up).
On cold evenings...

[2006/11/21] 107. Omosa (Heaviness).
Someone (Roku?) offers to carry Machiko's stuff for her, but she says she's fine.
Then later, a pretty woman offers to carry her stuff for her, and she accepts.

[2006/11/28] 108. Kouishou (Aftereffects).
When Machiko was sick in bed with a cold, the worst part wasn't actually being sick... it was what people said to her after she got better.
Panel 3: "It must've been really rough for you since you live all alone, huh?" "Yeah."
Panel 4: "Being sick is awful when you're all alone, isn't it?" *stab*

[2006/12/04] 109. Kabinshou (Hypersensitivity).
Lately, Plica's been hypersensitive to the word "lez" ("rezu"). She mistakes "resu" and "zure" for it when she's reading, then mishears "Nezu" as "rezu" on the train.
Maybe this is a serious illness.

[2006/12/16] 110. Konna Kamu Auto (Coming Out Like This).
Would coming out be better than the alternative?
Plica comes out to her friend Sacchan, who's miffed that Plica didn't tell her before, and thus must not consider her a real friend.

[2006/12/18] 111. Watashi tte? (Me?)
When you can't get a girlfriend, sometimes it seems like you're going to forget the fact that you're a lesbian at all.
Panel 1: "I don't even have a crush on anyone right now."

[2006/12/26] 112. Nukumori (Warmth).
When Machiko misses physical contact, she gets massages, foot massages, and exfoliating body scrubs (akasuri).

[2006/12/31] 113. Yoi Toshi ni Narimasu You ni! (May This Be a Good Year!)
Machiko starts to wish for a girlfriend, when Plica pushes her out of the way and wishes that the Plica movie will be shown abroad a lot.
Then Mari joins them, and she and Plica wish for a lot of people to buy the Plica DVD.
Then Plica wishes that the movie will be shown in theaters, and Saki wishes for Plica to come out as a tankoubon (compiled volume). Poor Machiko is still wishing for a girlfriend before anything else.

[2007/01/08] 114. Suki na Taipu (Type).
Plica asks Roku what her type is. Roku replies, "Intelligent, neat and tidy, a little glamorous..." Plica comments that Roku has a lot of requirements.
But who's that silhouette?

[2007/01/15] 115. Sabishii (Lonely).
When you're alone a lot, you forget what being lonely feels like--it's like an item you've misplaced. But then when you fall in love, that feeling of loneliness comes back. Then you try and shut it away, and it goes off somewhere again.
Writing on blue ball: "Loneliness."
Panel 1: "I slacked off today." "Oh, did I have ramen yesterday too?"
Panel 2: "It's easy just cooking for one person."
Panel 3: "It's over there?"

[2007/01/22] 116. Mada Samishii (Still Lonely).
Machiko is still lonely, even though she shut her loneliness away in a drawer. She can't stop hugging herself.
Panel 4: "I can't get them off..." "What did someone do to you?"

[2007/01/29] 117. Mada Mada (Still).
Machiko is still lonely. She's been hugging her bedding every night for so long, it's almost like a person.
Panel 3: "Maybe it's just my imagination..."
Panel 4: "Welcome home, Machiko-san!"

[2007/02/05] 118. Chiyuryoku (Healing Properties).
Machiko has discovered that when she gets so depressed that she can't even cry, cutting an onion (which makes her cry) makes her feel better.

[2007/02/13] 119. Valentine (Valentine's Day).
Rui is busy on the 14th, which really sucks because Valentine's Day is the anniversary of the day she and Saki started going out.
On Valentine's Day, Saki gets lots of chocolates from students. When the doorbell rings, she thinks it might be Rui, but it's really just a package from a younger woman who went to high school with her way back when (it's been 10 years since Saki graduated). The woman knitted her a scarf, and wrote her a letter mentioning her marriage, child, etc.

[2007/02/19] 120. Kikime (Effectiveness).
Rui hasn't called Saki in a month.
Mulled wine isn't enough to warm Saki up. Neither is huddling under blankets.
Saki calls Plica and asks if she can come over to Plica's house.
Plica's fake breasts (?) might be able to warm Saki up.

[2007/02/26] 121. Kangaeru Mari-chan (Mari-chan Ponders).
Plica tells Mari, "You wouldn't understand." Mari realizes that if she were in the same situation with a man, she'd say exactly the same thing: "You're a man. You wouldn't understand." Basically, she's facing herself.

[2007/03/05] 122. Haru ga Kita (Spring is Here).
Spring! Riding a bike is nice. After all, it makes it look like you're having fun, even if you're all alone.
Panel 4: "Watch out!"

[2007/03/13] 123. Tsutawaranai Koto (Concepts You Can't Convey).
A woman asks Saki why she likes women. It's a good question. First, Saki explains that she feels more relaxed when she's with a woman. The woman takes this to mean that Saki doesn't like men. Saki tries again, saying that she just naturally ends up picking woman. The other woman then says, "I get it! You want to be a man." Saki thinks for a minute, and explains that it's more like she wants to be a woman, thinking she's finally going to get her point across. This only confuses the other woman, who asks, "So you're a man, Saki?"
This is the sort of concept that you just can't explain.

[2007/03/18] 124. Hanaretakunai (Don't Want to Let Go).
Plica wants to be close to Mari even when they're asleep.
Second panel: That's a little far away.
Fourth panel:
When she uses my arm as a pillow...
"Your arm will all asleep."
"I'll be fine."
Sixth panel: The inside arms get in the way.
Seventh panel: "Let's just do it again!"

[2007/03/27] 125. Kotoba (Words).
Plica doesn't think most of the expressions describing sex really work for her. She doesn't like the expression "sleep together." "Embrace" doesn't seem quite right. "Sex" is something men and women do together. "H" doesn't seem strong enough. "Making love," perhaps? What should she call it?
While she's deliberating over the words, Mari falls asleep.

[2007/04/02] 126. Nonke (Straight People).
One day, one of Plica's straight friends tells Plica that there's a rumor going around that a friend of theirs, Mayumi, is gay. Plica says there's no way she's gay--she's totally straight. The word Plica uses for straight is "nonke," which is used more by gay people and--as far as I know--not really known by the average straight person. As such, Plica's friend has no idea what it means.

[2007/04/10] 127. Puraido to Ohashi (Pride and Chopsticks).
Machiko is buying some food. She creates an imaginary scenario (or perhaps it's a memory) where the person assumes she only wants one set of chopsticks, but she asks for two, because she's embarrassed.
In real life, she gets home and is surprised to see that she was only given one set of chopsticks.

[2007/04/16] 128. Shinbou? (Popularity?)
They say that people suddenly stop hanging out with their friends when they get a girlfriend (as demonstrated in the first two panels when Plica and Machiko's friend Rie says she can't hang out with them and Plica notes that Rie would rather spend time with her new girlfriend).
So Machiko decided that if she begged off doing things with her friends, they'd think she had a girlfriend. Unfortunately, they all just thought she was sick.

[2007/04/23] 129. Jikkan (Realization).
At times like this, it really sinks in that Plica's going out with a woman.
Panel 1: "I'm going to go use the bathroom." "Me too."

[2007/05/07] 130. Mari-chan wa Kurabu de (At a Club, Mari-chan...)
While Plica's off getting drinks, several women come chat up Mari-chan ("Do you come here often?" "No, it's my first time." "Where are you from?"). She's having a pretty good time.

[2007/05/14] 131. Kotoba (Words). [note: I'm not sure if this is actually the title of the strip, or a mistake on the part of whoever put it up on the Love Piece Club site.]
It's Machiko's first time at a club. She can't hear what anyone's saying, there's nowhere to sit, she doesn't know what to do... She can't even chat anyone up. So she dances.
Second panel: "The drinks are over there!" "Whaaaat?!"
Third panel: "It's smoky."
Fourth panel: At loose ends.
Fifth panel: "My fifth drink!"
Seventh panel: "Have you seen Machiko-san?" "Whaaat?!"

[2007/05/29] Final (132). (Ii Hi Tabidachi) A Nice Day For a Trip.
Plica and Mari are going on their first trip together.
First panel: "It's only a one-night stay." "Number 5 is over there."
Second panel: "Well, for now, let's go check in."
Third panel: "We can't go sightseeing." "Mmmm."
Fourth panel: "You seem happy." "Well, we can."
Below the strip, Amamiya thanks her readers and the person who let her do this column at Love Piece Club.